Bacteria, as well as viruses, endure in water. When salted, they pass away. Insufficient water and they pass away and dry up. Beef jerky is risk-free since it is dried out past the factor for pathogenic bacteria, the horrible ones, to endure on the meat. In addition to that, beef jerky is heated up as it dries out and this assists to eliminate all microorganisms that may be existing on raw meat.

So, you are able to be sure that the beef jerky is risk-free to consume.


If you’ve tried a couple of different brands of jerky you would have noticed they all vary in texture.

Some brand names are softer, as well as easy to eat. This style of jerky has a greater water web content as well as can be consumed quicker. Often you could observe the jerky is virtually translucent. This indicates it has been manufactured as a meat paste, as well as no meat strips are there. This meat paste usually is ground beef blended with seasonings, as well as preservatives. This paste is filled into a jerky gun, a tube with a slim rectangular opening, and pressed right into strips on the drying-out shelves.

Hard jerky is extra conventional, as well as chews longer. This is usually what individuals consider when discussing beef jerky. Made with strips of meat that have been flavored, this style remains on the shelf longer and loses more water material. This is the sort of beef jerky to get if you want something that you can eat for a while.

Tough beef jerky usually utilizes fewer chemicals than soft jerky due to the fact that the added water removal quits microorganisms from residing.


Beef jerky is a unique food. Drying out as well as warm are two all-natural preservatives for meat, therefore, you are able to carry beef jerky everywhere with you, as well as have high nutrition, red meat, protein-packed snack. Compared to a healthy trail mix or protein bar beef jerky has a greater healthy carbohydrates/fat to protein ratio.

As an example; 100g of beef jerky consists of 320 calories, 0g carbs, 14g fat, 58g PROTEIN

The best little bits concerning beef jerky can be summarized by:

  • High protein, 58 grams per 100 grams. Means 58%.
  • Excellent preference, mainly beef principal jerky.
  • Long service life, lasts over 12 months!
  • Aids control cravings, healthy protein plays a massive function in hunger control.
  • Can be carried anywhere, healthy snacks if you’re outdoors, in the home, or in traffic.

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