Creative Ways To Cook and Enjoy Smokies

Smokies are very delicious and can be so appetizing that you can’t get enough of them, especially if cooked well. Matter of fact, where I come from, they say one smokie is never enough. Personally, I often consume at least 6 smokies at any one time, thanks to my skinny weight, which makes me not worry about getting fat. If you are watching your weight though, be careful so as not to overindulge in these addictive snacks as they can significantly add to your calorie count.

Now, there are many types of smokies available, depending on the type of meat with which each is made. For example, some are made of beef, chicken, and pork plus other flavourful additions. Others consist of a blend of all these meats plus the additions. My favorite ones are beef smokies. These are some of the most popular choices of smokies you can enjoy. They are made of coarsely ground beef that is seasoned with a few ingredients to give them a pleasant flavor. As a result, they are soft, flavorful, and very appetizing. 


If you have been having trouble with cooking smokies, or if you’ve been dying to learn how to cook these yummy treats, today is your lucky day. That’s because I’m going to be sharing some creative ways to cook and enjoy these snacks. 

Ways To Cook Smokies

As far as cooking smokies goes, there are four popular ways to do that. These are; boil, pan-fry, and deep-fry.

How To Boil Smokies

To be able to boil your beef smokies, you’ll need a saucepan, a source of heat, and some water. To do so, just add water, sufficient to cover the smokies completely, to the pan. Then bring the water to a boil on high heat. Thereafter, gently place the smokies into the boiling water–one after the other. Now, lower the heat to medium and let the smokies simmer for between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on whether they are raw or pre-cooked. Now supermarkets and grocery stores do sell both raw smokies and pre-cooked ones, which take less time to cook. In this case, pre-cooked smokies will cook in 10 minutes, whereas raw ones will take twice longer to do so. Please note that boiled smokies will not develop a brown and crispy outside. If you want smokies with that kind of exterior, avoid this method. 

2. How to Pan-Fry Beef Smokies

Pan-fry is the easiest method of cooking smokies. This method involves wetting your frying pan with oil and then frying the smokies in the smokies over the hot oil. Make sure the heat is low or medium. Throughout the frying process, be sure to flip the smokies all around to ensure that all sides are cooked through. You’ll know your smokies are ready when their outers turn brown and become crispy. 

3. How To Deep Fry Smokies

While deep fry is one of the most popular ways to cook smokies, it comes as no surprise that many people do not know how to do it appropriately. Consequently, they end up with smokies that neither look or taste good. Think about those cooked smokies that are split, with a tough outer shell that simply isn’t appealing to the taste buds and stuff like that! Normally, these results are due to cooking your smokies on excessive heat or simply overcooking them. 

To deep-fry smokies the right way, pour enough oil into your frying pan. Then, turn on your stove and heat the oil until hot enough. After that, gently deep fry your smokies into the oil–one after the other and reduce the heat to low. Now, let them cook until golden brown and their outer covers are just starting to peel. This process should take no more than 2- 5 minutes or else, your smokies may start splitting due to overcooking. If the smokies are pre-cooked, don’t keep them in the oil longer than 2-3 minutes. On the other hand, if they are raw, the maximum cooking time should be no longer than 5 minutes. 

How To Enjoy Smokies

There are many ways to enjoy smokies with some of them being as follows;

1. Consume Smokies With Fries

Growing up, fries and smokies or sausages with a bottle of soda was my favorite option in a restaurant situation. And up to date, I still do love ordering fries with smokies and soda when I go to a restaurant. 

For fries, you can learn how to make them with the help of your meal kit delivery service. I know of a few organic meal kit delivery services that offer creative recipes for fries. Some of them even teach you how to make fries out of other foods such as parsnips, carrots, yam bean–jicama, zucchini as opposed to potatoes. These entities include Green Chef (for parsnips fries), Fresh n’ Lean(for jicama fries), and BistroMD(for zucchini fries). You can get to know more about these entities plus others by going to this recent review. The unbiased post covers every aspect of each meal kit delivery service including what to and not like about each service. 

2. Take Smokies with Kachumbari 

For starters, kachumbari is a spicy and flavorful salad combination made of tiny bits of tomatoes, onions, coriander, salt, and sometimes pepper. It’s used to give flavor to different kinds of foods including pilau, deep-fried fish, smokies, and French fries. 

To consume your smokies with kachumbari, slice your smokies lengthwise to create an opening for the kachumbari. After that, fill the opening with a few scoops of kachumbari and top with tomato sauce or chili sauce, or both if you like. Enjoy while still warm. 

Final Thoughts

If cooked well, smokies can be so yummy that you could end up finishing a whole packet if you are not careful. These easy-to-cook snacks can be made in many different ways such as boil, pan-fry, and deep fry. Unfortunately, some people know about these methods but don’t know how to execute them well. As a result, they end up with smokies that aren’t good enough. If you are one of them, I hope this article helped you master each method completely plus discover two creative ways to enjoy these delicious snacks.  


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