Become a Bacon Guru: The Different Types of Bacon Explained

Over two billion pounds of bacon are made each year in the United States. But, did you know that there are actually different varieties of bacon?

Well, sit down and get started. Different types of bacon might appeal to different people, and go better in different meals. Read on to find out all about the different types of bacon.


This type of bacon actually comes from the pig’s cheeks – hence, why it’s referred to as jowls bacon. Usually, they’re cured and smoked, to get a rich texture. Jowls bacon is well-suited for sandwiches since they have the perfect amount of fat. You can even use them as a pizza topping. Basically, they’re ideal for contrasting with every sort of carbs.

If you’d like sweet bacon, there are jowls bacon options for you. See here for more of what you need.

Canadian Bacon

Bacon, eh? Canadian bacon is one of the most popular varieties in the United States. In Canada, however, Canadian bacon is known as peameal. It’s also sometimes referred to as back bacon, or as rashers, depending on where you live. This type of bacon is actually made from pork loin. 

Canadian bacon isn’t smoked, unlike some other types of bacon. That makes it a great part of any breakfast meal. Add some Canadian bacon to your next omelet. Or, make yourself a super special breakfast sandwich on an English muffin with avocados and whatever toppings you would like. 


If you’re looking for something a little fancier out of your bacon, pancetta might be the ticket. Pancetta is a type of bacon commonly created in Italy. A common way of preparing pancetta is to slice it very thin so that it can be wrapped around other kinds of food. Asparagus wrapped pancetta is one popular appetizer, if you plan to have a dinner party in the near future. 

You can actually eat pancetta raw, if it’s prepared correctly. You don’t want to get food poisoning, of course.

Non-Pork Bacon

In today’s day and age, not all bacon is made of pork. Some types of bacon are made out of other meats, like turkey. You’ll want to sample a variety of these, to help you figure out what type of non-pork bacon suits your taste.

You can also try out vegetarian and vegan-friendly forms of bacon. These are great for people who are trying to cut down on their meat consumption, or who are trying to get healthier generally. And, new innovations in veggie-friendly bacon are happening all the time, so keep your eyes on the news to see if there’s anything better on the horizon.

Try Out These Different Types of Bacon Today

You’ll never get tired of sampling this variety of different types of bacon. Order a party planner, or try your hand at sampling different varieties.

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