Helpful Tips When Choosing a Good Restaurant

What’s the best way to catch up with friends? Of course, a favourite of many—visiting restaurants for some great food to dig in. Yet with a wide variety of good restaurants in Brisbane that offer mouthwatering dishes and eye-catching dining ambience, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the good one. 

What should be your basis when choosing a good restaurant? Here are some tips that will help you out. 

Be Early and Book  

We love seeing some magnificent sights early in the morning through the restaurant’s glass window, checking out which ones are glimmering with life and sniffing out some tasty-licious food simmering in the air. The places that are hustling early, the ones chopping veggies, prepping stock and baking bread are restaurants worthy to book for. 

Those that are hasty to clean up because they wake an hour before service are the ones you need to avoid. 

First Impressions Last

This is something diners miss out on or take for granted. Remember, first impressions count. Ask yourself, does the restaurant have a unique identity? Is the brand’s message cohesive enough—from its name and branding to the interiors and exteriors? 

Is the exterior portion of the place clean and appealing? Are the windows and sunblinds clean? Are the outdoor seating areas regularly maintained and in good working condition? If the looks of the restaurant’s al fresco area have not been maintained, this is a red flag already. If the outside hasn’t been tended to, how much more on the inside. 

If the restaurant has a sticker guide or Michelin on the door, check if they are recent. Maybe it’s an accolade from a decade ago. 

Highly Tidy

Being tidy and clean is a basic that every restaurant must apply. Are the bathrooms well maintained? Are glasses and tables shimmering and clean? Similarly, the use of aggressive cleaning products and the strong scent of air fresheners that linger in the atmosphere is a huge turn off, especially if it’s a seafood restaurant. 

It’s the First Bite 

What really dictates the rest of the meal is often what hits first on the table. It’s always the first bite that sets the scene at the table. If it’s cheap breadstick or mushy garlic bread, highly likely the rest of the meal will be identical. Otherwise, if you’re being offered freshly baked goodies, it’s almost 100% guaranteed you’re in for a good meal. 

Although there are exemptions to this rule, it’s absolutely one that helps when you’re trying to assess which one is worth it. 

The Internet Is Your Friend

It’s 2022 already, and we are living in the world of advanced technology. So, why not take advantage of it? Make use of the Internet to search for great restaurants near you. Google Maps is definitely your friend. It’s one of the best resources to find suggestions or nice places to dine in Brisbane. Also, don’t take the ratings seriously as some are manipulating the review system with phony feedback. The key is to look for places with a high rating and a good amount of reviews. 

You can also follow local chefs on their social media pages. This is a good way to see what and where in town they are eating, as well as their recommendations to their followers. 

The Size of the Menu 

Another obvious giveaway is the restaurant’s menu size. As much as possible, avoid those with 20 pages and 15 different cuisines for each continent in the world. This is unrealistic. No restaurant can cater a wide variety of dishes without tons of microwaves and some industrial-style production.  

It’s best to look for a well-written and changing menu. This is, in fact, a good sign. Another thing to look for on the menu is the seasonal ingredients. The menu must be placed outside the restaurant’s entrance. It should be something that’s not too wordy, pompous and must be clear. Check out the prices listed as it is a good indicator if the style and size of the place are properly calibrated. 

Guides You Can Trust 

If you want helpful resources that do some of the jobs for you, look for guides—Michelin guide for example. Other global restaurant guides with tips are also available. You can check them online too. 

Pass By and Check Out 

Why not take a stroll and pass by the restaurant once or twice? Check out the level of expertise and professionalism, as well as the dishes. One thing that can make or break your experience in the restaurant is its staff. Therefore, get a feel if there seems to be energy and coordination amongst the staff. 

Doing so allows you to gauge the place’s vibe—is it formal, relaxed or stiff? Does it meet your expectations mood-wise? 

Crowd Moderation 

Does the restaurant get busy with the locals at certain times of the day? If booking this place on a Tuesday night seems impossible, then time to look somewhere else. You can also consider asking the locals for some recommendations. 


The entire restaurant selection process can be tedious. Certainly, there are several factors that ought to be considered whether you want to try something new or you just want to stick to your fave dining place. Some things you need to take note of are budget, location, service and cuisine. Dining in a restaurant that exceeds your expectations adds the overall best ‘nomming’ experience. 


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