Beef Bladder

Recently I came across a quite impressive classic cooking technique, that you can imitate at home and impress your guests. You only need the right ingredients and some pointers so you can pretend to be a real chef. Warning: contains French language and haute cuisine which might cause awe and amazement! Ready?


Envessie refers to a cooking method in which meat or other dish is cooked in a bladder. The most famous application is the Bresse chicken: Poularde de Bresseenvessie. The advantage of the method is that the meat does not come into contact with the cooking liquid and the juices from the chicken stay inside the chicken. The famous French chef Paul Bocuse held 3 Michelin stars for 40 years, and this was one of his most famous inventions. You can still enjoy this most famous chicken at his Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or near Lyon for €500 serving two, but if you don’t have the time…why not make it yourself at home??? 

You just need a large beef bladder so you can prepare the largest of chickens- or why not try a whole turkey with the next holiday season? I bought an XXL size at, the largest European web store for home cooking and fermentation enthusiasts.

Now, basically you stuff a chicken with e.g. foie gras or truffles; slice them in fine pieces and shove 2 under the wings en 2 under the legs. After turning the bladder inside out, you enclose  the chicken in the bladder and poach it in hot chicken broth for 60 minutes. Pour some hot broth on top of it every once in a while. It’s as easy as it is genius.

Serve with vegetables like carrots, celery, turnips, mangetout and French beans. 

And of course, use a lot of the delicious Fleurette sauce- but that’s another recipe!! Bon appétit!


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