Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Spotless.

Between everyday messes and spills, cooking, baking and snacking, it’s no wonder our kitchens seem to become overwhelmingly messy in the blink of an eye. Add in the factor of a global pandemic, which has seen the globe become confined to their homes for the best part of a year, and it’s no wonder that our kitchens rarely feel that they are clean. Each day our kitchen goes through a lot, and as it’s one of the most trafficked parts of the home, it’s that little bit more important that we ensure that the space is cleaned regularly. Whether you decide to implement a strategised routine for a weekly cleaning routine, or just rely on quick tips and tricks to give your kitchen a daily once over, here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips for keeping your kitchen spotless.

Keeping Your Waste Disposal Smelling Fresh:

There’s no smell quite like a waste disposal in your kitchen. If there seems to be a clogging or a blockage, the smell that permeates can be more than off-putting to say the least- especially in an area where you are preparing and cooking food. If your waste disposal is blocked and is beginning to smell- try this tip.  Firstly, fill an ice cube tray with water, salt and lemon wedges. Once they are frozen, place the ice cubes in the waste disposal drain and hit ‘start’ until the ice cubes are gone. While the lemons will keep the drain smelling fresh, the salt scrub will help to scrub the blades and the water will drain away any grime.

Overdue Cleaning of the Oven Racks:

If we’re being honest, we clean our oven racks a lot less frequently than we care to say. Over time, our oven racks begin to look incredibly filthy, with years of grime and grease attached onto them. A great way to get rid of this is by using laundry detergent- as it will clean the racks without scratching or damaging them. Simply soak in a bathtub filled with water and laundry detergent andtake it out after a few hours and rinse with water.

DIY Woodwork Polish:

If you have wooden fixtures in your kitchen, then after a while they may begin to look a little lackluster. Instead of using harsh chemicals on your woodwork, why not use a natural cleaner? Simply fill an empty bottle with one part water to one part vinegar. Then, wipe down any wood surfaces with the spray and use a dry microfiber cloth to buff.

Oil to Use in the Hood Range:

If you spend a lot of time cooking, then you will know that your hood range is a magnet for grease. In addition to the grease, when dust latches on, the surface can become increasingly difficult to clean with commercial cleaners and sprays. A quick fix to this is to use vegetable oil. Simple add a few drops of the oil to a paper towel, and when you wipe down you will see the grime has disappeared.

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