How to manage your time effectively while being on a holiday?

Holidays are an essential part of our life. We usually spent our holidays with our friends and family members. It is a kind of refreshment in our day-to-day life. Every one of us spends our holidays in different ways. Some individuals prefer to spend their holidays being at home enjoying with their near and dear ones, whereas some prefer to travel around the world.

However, in our busy and corporate lifestyle, we usually get a limited duration to spend our holidays. So, if we plan a trip, then we have to fit our plan in that fixed period. But, that does not mean that we will make compromises on our trip. We will try to make the trip the most memorable one. On any trip, we wish to get an essence of the culture of that place, the tradition, the clothing, and most importantly the food. Food and traveling go hand in hand. We simply can’t let go of either of them. So, ‘a movable feast tour’ seems to be an excellent option for some of us.

What is a movable feast tour?

A Moveable Feast Tour is designed to act in the best interest of busy and working travelers. In this one, you don’t have to choose between a traditional and a culinary tour, but you can manage to punch both into one day. We’ve decided to provide you with a plate of info about the place as well as mouth-watering dishes. We’ll drive you away from the major tourist traps and into modest, family-run eateries.

We collaborate with a network of expert local tour operators who find the best opportunities to show off the place where they dwell, so no such trips will be the same. With our innovative methods, we wish to be the best culinary tourism business in the world.

What kind of tours do we provide?

We offer you to plan the perfect small group vacation, corporate holiday, or weekend break in up to 75 locations across the globe. We also ensure you utilize your time very effectively.

Here are the details about 3 types of the tour that we provide:

Local Tours – 

We want our customers to have the best travel experience. So, we collaborate with the best group of local tour guides as they have the best knowledge about that place. In collaboration, we will give you all the details and information of that place along with the best dishes from a local family-run restaurant.

Private Tours – 

If you want us to guide you on private tours then we provide that. Private tours are meant to be spent with family and friends. So, we ensure that you must spend it in the best way. If you are a busy person, then our tour guidance along with the best culinary experience will be the best choice for you.

Corporate Tours – 

If you’re traveling for business purposes and want to end it with a small event or party then you can choose us. You can also opt for customizations for the same.


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