How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party at Home

Hosting a dinner party can be an awkward time- especially when the pressure is on. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to host the perfect dinner party.

Two Weeks Before:

Two weeks before your dinner party is set to happen is the perfect time to begin organising how you want your evening to run. This way, you can start fleshing out how you see your evening going- and how you want the night to look. Here are a few things to consider doing two weeks before the dinner party:

The first thing you should do is create a guest list of who you want at your party. By doing this, you can see which social groups are going to turn up, you can account for any plus ones that need to come, and how the dynamic of the night is going to go.

The next thing you want to do is to begin sending out invites. Nowadays, sending out invites via the post can sometimes seem a little old-fashioned (if we do say so ourselves!), so you may want to think about a more technologically savvy way of doing this. You can either make a group chat and add all guests into it, or alternatively, call each person and invite them via a telephone call.

The final thing you want to do two weeks before is think about the aesthetics you want on the night. Think about what kind of décor you will need, and how you can fit your dishes around the style of the evening.

One Week Before:

It’s important that one week before, you confirm which guests are coming to your house. This way, you can finalise all dishes and the menu with confidence that there will be no guest surprises or late arrivals. It’s also a perfect time to address any dietary requirements and what type of food you will be serving.

One week before your dinner party is also a perfect time to start slowly buying décor for your dinner party room. This can be anything from the plates, garnishes or props you want to add to the room.

Two Days Before:

Two days before you dinner party is the best time to head out to your local supermarket and buy any ingredients that you need for your dinner party. Its also the best time to make sure that your drinks fridge is stocked up, and that you aren’t shy of any ingredients if there is a spontaneous cocktail making session.

Two days before is also the perfect time to begin preparing. Not only does this mean cooking food, but it also means setting the table, choosing what music you’re going to have (if any at all), and how setting everything aside.

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