Exploring Unique Cooking Techniques Around the World

Food is one of the most universal ways to express culture – it’s a way for different nations to showcase their unique cooking techniques, flavours, and traditions. From India’s tandoori chicken to Italy’s Neapolitan pizza, each country has its own culinary gems that make exploring the world of food an exciting adventure.

Today, we will explore some of these unique cooking techniques from various countries around the world. And if you’re feeling adventurous, then head over to Maha East’s food – they have some amazing options from the Middle East/Mediterranean region. Bon Appetit!

Indian Cuisine & Tandoori Chicken

Indian cuisine is one of the most popular and beloved in the world, and boasts a wide range of dishes from curries to biryanis. But perhaps one of India’s most recognisable dishes – tandoori chicken – is made with a unique cooking technique known as tandoor cooking.

This method involves roasting marinated meats on skewers in clay ovens heated by charcoal or wood fires. The result is succulent chicken that is charred on the outside yet tender on the inside. Additionally, this type of cooking seals in flavour and moisture while keeping fats low, making it a healthier option than traditional fried foods.

Italian Cuisine & Neapolitan Pizza

Italy is home to some of the world’s best-loved dishes such as pasta, risotto, and pizza. The latter has been around for centuries but was perfected by Italian bakers in Naples during the early 19th Century. This style of pizza has since become known as “Neapolitan Pizza” and features thin crusts baked at high temperatures (around 900°F!) in wood-fired stone ovens.

This technique gives Neapolitan pizzas their signature charring around the edges, while still remaining soft and chewy inside. For an authentic Italian experience, try having one with fresh tomatoes and basil leaves – yum!

Japanese Cuisine & Teriyaki Sauce

Another global favourite hails from Japan – teriyaki sauce! Traditionally used as a marinade or glaze meant for grilling fish or poultry over hot coals, this sweet soy-based sauce adds immense flavour to any dish without needing too many ingredients or steps.

Its popularity can be attributed largely to its versatility; it can be used in stir-fries or poured over noodles or rice bowls alike. A great place to start experimenting with teriyaki sauce is at your local grocery store – just remember not all sauces are created equal, so be sure to read reviews first before buying anything!

Bon Appetit!

Whether you’re looking for something spicy or something sweet, there’s no shortage of unique cooking techniques across different nations around the world waiting for you to discover them! From Indian tandoori chicken cooked in clay ovens to Italian Neapolitan pizzas cooked in wood-fired stone ovens to Japanese teriyaki sauce marinated onto proteins – each dish offers a unique flavour that will tantalise your taste buds!


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