The Best of Burgers and Beers: The Best Burger/Beer Pairings

Nothing beats the taste of a flame-grilled and juicy burger during summer. You can even take an impossible-to-eat burger, provided you are able to sneak some slices of sharp cheddar there.

The right beer is the only drink that makes flame-licked burgers far better. Of course, the right beer is something that contrasts umami notes as well as cuts through the dense fattiness.

According to experts at Milwalky Trace, the burger-beer combo is an extremely amazing experience. However, it is as simple as grabbing whatever you can. To help you choose the right beer-burger pairing, you might want to narrow it down to the following key points:

  1. Veggie Burger

The base of every veggie burger may greatly vary from black beans to earthy mushrooms and nutty grains, such as quinoa and bulgur.

Consider a go-with-everything ale when looking for a better pairing, which will come with different textures and flavors. This can be something like Belgian-style White Ale, Witbier, or American Wheat Ale.

Fruity, soft, and slightly spicy bears will always complement every summer dish. Plus, their dry finish often keeps everything refreshing and light.

  1. Beef Burger

With no salads, a strong beef flavor shines through in this burger. But it may get a little overpowering if you don’t have something to cut through that flavor.

This is where a hoppy IPA comes in. Take a delicious beef burger and crack open a chilled tin of Australian IPA. This craft beer and burger match is certain to please.

  1. Grilled Onion Burger

A grilled onion burger is a staple, especially on greasy spoons everywhere and in most roadside restaurants.

However, it is gradually making its way onto sophisticated menus too. You can also find Swiss cheese, butter, and mustard from caramelized grilled onions.

The best beer to pair this with is Dale’s pale ale that Oskar Blues Brewery made. It perfectly works as it has some crispness, which serves as a counterpoint to the mustard’s tang. Plus, it has enough carbonation that refreshes the palate after every mouthful of tasty beefiness.

  1. Turkey Burger

A turkey burger may take a vast of flavor profiles. When preparing a masterpiece, there are endless toppings, including sauces, rubs, spices, you name it.

A perfect turkey burger really deserves a beer pairing, which complements the complexity of flavor and richness.

Whether you opt for hoppy or malty, dark or light, smooth or crisp, there are many options you can choose from when pairing your beer with a turkey burger.

  1. Savory Burger

When a burger has a savory topping, such as eggs, pasta, mushrooms, bacon, or avocado, you may want to choose a craft beer more wisely.

Your savory burger is already packed with too much flavors. You may opt for a much simpler lager, like House Beer.

Others, like nutty brown ales, Porters, and amber beers, can as well as complement your savory burger. Some of the best options are AleSmith Nut Brown Ale and Rogue American Amber Ale.

The Takeaway!

Beers and burgers are best of friends. Whether it is simple fare or bolder pairings, the two work together just fine. So if you are done with the same old cookout option, consider ditching those boring hotdogs and deli potato salads and opt for a pairing made in heaven.


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