A Timeline of Baseball Cap Fashions Throughout the Decades

The baseball cap is one of the most common pieces of apparel in the world. People of all genders and ages across the globe who aren’t even fans of baseball wear an iconic baseball hats. This includes Kanye West and Prince Harry, who aren’t even fans of the sport.

But the baseball cap has only been in use since around 1930. The first baseball squads began wearing them. Then, they trickled into the mainstream pop culture after the Second World War.

Since then, the hat has remained a staple, but the fashion around it has changed throughout the decades Read on to learn the baseball cap history, and learn when to wear one like a true fan.


Baseball cap fashion marks the early days of the popularized ‘baseball cap’ fashion trend. Early fashion trends were often characterized by stiff front panels, cotton material, and a general lack of customization.

In the late 19th century, the actual baseball “cap” was developed by introducing a top button and brim. The brush style was seen as the common choice along with the ‘pillbox’ design.

These early styles were still simplistic and lacked decorative adornments. Personalization in the form of custom artwork and baseball cap design was already being developed by the start of the 1900s.

The Roaring ’20s

New technology made stylish hats more accessible than ever before. The cloche was the go-to hat style of the era, and variations such as the saucer hat were also famous. But among young people, baseball caps, in particular, appeared to be the trend of the era. 

They were often adorned with stripes, patterns, and emblems that signified their allegiance to a particular baseball league. These 1920s baseball caps often featured teams’ names and imagery to reflect their loyalty. today.

The ’40s and ’50s

It combines American sports symbolism and youth culture, hoping for a break from the strict styles of their parents. To begin with, felt was the material used in this era. It has signs sporting a metal star to signify major league baseball teams.

The brim of the hat remained unchanged, but the crown experienced an evolution. The low crown quickly went out of style, replaced by a higher crown for a more structured fit.

From the ’90s to the Present Day

During the 90’s decade, the classic look of a baseball cap became accepted as a fashionable accessory. The trendsetters further amplified this newfound popularity at the time. For example, Tupac Shakur and the Fugees had a hand in crafting the look of the “streetwear” movement.

During this time, caps with curved bills, ‘snapbacks,’ and even Jordan logos on the front became a common sight.

Now, in the modern era, if you’re going to ‘shop trucker hat‘, it remains prominent. But, the traditional forms have become more colorful. Several designers and brands such as Supreme and Off-White have had a big impact on this look, as they often incorporate bold prints and bright colors onto their caps.

Adapting the Classic Design: The Baseball Cap History

The baseball cap history has evolved many times, from being a functional accessory to a respected fashion statement. As people have developed their tastes and style, it has only become more varied and stylish.

Whatever your style, there is a perfect cap for you! Go ahead and shop for the perfect fit today!

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