5 Helpful Grilling Tips for Your Summer BBQs


The first humans cooked food over a fire about 1.8 million years ago! Today, you have options regarding the type of grill, how you’ll grill, etc. 

But deciding what grilling tips to apply this year can be a hassle. The good news is that there’s a way to pick the best ideas! Read this guide for grilling tips to enjoy this summer. 

1. How to Grill Pork

Cook pork until it’s done and has pink in the center. For beginners, start with pork chops.

Use a meat thermometer and cook until it reaches 145 F. You can check out Delicious Blackstone Griddle Recipes for more ideas. 

2. Seafood Cooking Tips

Use a wooden plank such as alder, hickory, maple, or cedar to grill scallops and salmon. The plank will cook it without drying it out. 

To forego planks, use a non-stick cooking spray before starting the grill. Use the spray on the fish too.

It’ll cook fast; you’ll want to watch it. It’s ready to flip when it’s not sticking.

3. Fruit Summer BBQ

Grilled fruit is easy to make. Grill pineapple with pork chops or beef, mango with chicken. 

Cut figs, peaches, pears, and apples in half. You could also skewer and dice them. 

Keep the skin on for softer fruits such as mangos and bananas. Use a well-oiled grill. It’ll be done once you see grill marks. 

4. Clean Your Grill

After you grill outdoors, turn the heat up to remove leftover bits of food. Use a wire brush to scrub the grill. It could clog your burners with fat and make you sick if you don’t. 

For charcoal grills, you’ll want to throw away leftover briquettes and scrape away the grime. Remove parts such as the racks, knobs, and trays. 

Once it’s cool, remove the propane tank. Spray your grill grates with a dish spray. This will remove stuck-on grime, grease, and food. 

Scrub the grates and rinse with your hose. You could also use dish spray for the outside of the grill. Rinse with water until the suds are gone. 

5. Grilling Pizza

Grilling a pizza is similar to the inside of a pizza oven. First, grill your protein. 

Stretch the dough on a floured surface and shape it to the desired thickness and size. Put the dough on an oiled grill. 

Close the lid and cook it for a couple of minutes. Have the grill side up and remove it. 

Place the sauce, toppings, and cheese. Then, place it back in the grill with the lid closed. Once it’s done, let it rest for a few minutes.

The Top Grilling Tips This Summer

After exploring this guide, you should be ready for your summer BBQ with these grilling tips. Listen to the needs of each guest, and you’ll be grilling with success in no time.

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