A Seafood Lover’s Guide to the Different Types of Fish

You should be thrilled to know that being a seafood lover has its perks. Seafood like fish is excellent for heart and brain health.

Fish has omega-3 fatty acids that lower blood pressure and improves cognitive abilities.

Consider a pescatarian diet to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your seafood meals will never be boring with the many available fish options.

You can elevate your seafood dishes by pairing fish with other types of seafood. Dive into this guide to learn the different types of fish every seafood lover should have on their list.


Catfish are freshwater fish that get their name from the whiskers they grow near their mouth. They range in size depending on their age and diet.

These fish are tender with a subtle sweetness and cooked in several ways.

Catfish and grits are well-known Southern seafood cuisine, and this fish is the main event at any fish fry.

Pair catfish with shrimp for a dynamic seafood platter. Catfish takes seasoning very well, and this fish does not take long to cook.


Whiting is saltwater fish that is small in stature but big in taste. Whiting has a strong fishy smell, so keep this in mind when cooking this fish.

Whiting is a perfect breakfast fish because it is not heavy on the stomach. You have to eat a few pieces of whiting to satisfy your appetite.

Pair whiting with starchy foods to get your belly full fast and have fish left for later.

You can make a fish and chips lunch or a fried fish sandwich with whiting. This fish tastes amazing fried, but you can also bake and pan-sear whiting.


Salmon are born in freshwater and migrate to saltwater during their adult years. This fish can grow to the size of a baby shark.

People prepare and eat salmon differently based on their culture or region.

You can find salmon in popular Japanese seafood meals like sushi and poke bowls. Salmon can be smoked and added to bagels with cream cheese or salads.

This fish also can be marinated and baked like meat. See here for seasoned and packaged salmon that is ready to be shipped to your door.


Tuna is not a huge saltwater fish, but it is very dense. Tuna is so meaty it can be prepared similar to a steak.

But there are ways to make tuna into a lighter snack or meal.

You can turn canned tuna into a salad and eat it with Ritz crackers. Or you can make a tuna melt sandwich with the salad you made.

Enjoy All Types of Fish

Many delicious seafood dishes exist thanks to the different types of fish in the world. Try fish that you are unfamiliar with to expand your taste palette and build your recipe book.

Check out the Food & Culinary section to learn about other seafood dishes you might like to try.


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