The Best Lunch Spots in Los Angeles

Looking for an afternoon meal in LA? This city offers over 29,000 restaurant options.

This can make narrowing down your choices a bit difficult. Make the most of your dining experience in a city that offers culinary excellence when you land yourself in the right spot.

Keep reading to learn about the best lunch spots in Los Angeles.

Breakfast By Salt’s Cure

Craving breakfast for lunch in Los Angelos? Head over to West Hollywood to check our Breakfast By Salt’s Cure.

They off a simple breakfast menu of a few specialty pancakes and sides like eggs, sausage, and homefries. No need to get fancy because the flavors will bring you home to a Sunday morning, even on the busiest of days.

Boo’s Philly Cheesesteaks

You will never feel closer to Philly in California than at Boo’s Philly Cheesesteak. Fill yourself up with a loaded hoagie and tasty cheese fries.

This restaurant serves the best Philly Cheesesteaks in Los Angelos! If you need a lazy day, they will deliver this juicy goodness straight to you.


Gjelina strives to offer the full experience with fresh, hand-crafted meals. In this cozy space, share a charcuterie board and pizza with a friend. 

Sample oysters on the half shell for a full Venitian experience. End your meal with a decadent dessert that will be worth the extra calories! You’ll know the whole way through that this is one of the best restaurants in Los Angelos.


With economic turmoil plaguing the country, support your economy by eating locally sourced. At Farmshop, you will find a sustainable fare that supports the people in your neighborhood!

Share artisan-inspired appetizers with friends and enjoy an entree full of farm-to-table ingredients. Let them open you a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, a perfect lunch wine with its crisp and refreshing flavors.


During daylight, enjoy the Los Angeles warmth when you can. The outdoor patio grows luscious green jungle plants that make the entire place come alive.

It’s raining? Dine inside, because the dining room is gorgeous as well. Chef John Fraser creates sharable masterpieces perfected with techniques he learned around the world.

Geoffrey’s Malibu

Nothing beats lunch with a view. Geoffrey’s Malibu offers a breathtaking scene of the Southern Cali coastline.

Enjoy fresh seafood that tastes like it did not travel far to your plate. Order the artisan cheese plate to sit back and share so you can take your time taking it all in.

Malibu Farm

End your walk on the pier with a farm-to-table meal. This locally-owned establishment only chooses farmers’ markets and local vendors to buy their fare.

Eat a healthy meal that tastes delightful. The view won’t disappoint you either.

Eat at All the Best Lunch Spots in Los Angeles

In a city that offers nothing short of gorgeous atmospheres and culinary genius, why choose only one spot for lunch? Make your way to all of the best lunch spots in Los Angeles! You will find a place for anything you crave!

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