Marijuana Cuisine for the Colorado Connoisseurs: Exploring Pot-Inspired Dishes & Pairings

As major U.S states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana use, entrepreneurs and connoisseurs are taking advantage of this progress. States like California and Alaska are now awarding licenses allowing businesses to operate with cannabis consumption inside.

Luckily, Colorado has a handful of businesses where you can enjoy weed and food altogether in one setting. Apart from cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, Coloradans and tourists can have a happy high culinary experience beyond brownies.

Dinners and Marijuana Pairings in Colorado

Food and marijuana pairings are going to be part of the booming cannabis industry. If you can get good food with good company, why can you not get high?

Colorado law prohibits marijuana consumption in public, so most pairing dinners are done at home or Airbnb rentals. But some restaurants cater to cannabis users where pairing events are held in private lounges. 

Prior to the event, the host will determine the location based on the number of attendees and, of course, the desired vibe. The host or event organizer then visits cannabis dispensaries to find out the available inventory and recommendations on the best strain in stock based on smell, strength, and desired effect. 

Samples will then be sent to the chef and they develop menus based on the marijuana strain profiles. For example, the agent orange strain is best paired with chicken teriyaki while the peppery plant strain best complements the lemon-pepper chicken.

Typically, guests attending pairings and dinners are chauffeured to a cannabis dispensary so they can buy the strain to be paired with the customized menu.

Aside from private events, there are some Colorado restaurants where you can explore cannabis and cuisine combinations.

Cannabis-Friendly Restaurants in Colorado

Hapa Sushi

Discover the blend of Asian and American culture in this Japanese restaurant in Boulder and Denver. Try sushi and pot pairings, salmon rolls and marijuana, white tuna rolls and marijuana, and more.

The Adagio

Located in Denver, Colorado, pot enthusiasts can try samples of marijuana pairings such as chicken bites and marijuana. Start your day with a bud and breakfast. Visit during happy hours and explore their delectable samples.

The Coffee Joint

For an entrance fee of $5, you can consume edibles paired with coffee or vape within the shop. Eat tasty snacks and pair them with your favorite strain or try a new one.

Studio A64

Studio A64 is a membership lounge allowing members to dab and vape. A café is also located downstairs offering CBD and hemp-infused products. Enjoy the cozy space, meet like-minded people, and try their THC-infused smoothies, CBD-infused teas, or coffee paired with crepes.

Bud and Breakfasts

Bud and Breakfast is not a restaurant but a place to stay that offers happy hours, appetizers, and munchies that will make your day.


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