What the Most Popular Food Items in Food Shops Will Be in 2022

The way we get our food is changing, and over the next decade, you’ll see even more changes than we’ve seen in the last decade. One of the biggest changes you’ll see to businesses like a food shop in Conwy,  will be in what people buy most often when they visit these establishments. In this article, we’ll take a look at which UK foods, including Welsh foods have been the most popular over the last 5 years and which ones are likely to dominate in 2022. You’ll also learn how these popular food items are made, where they come from, and what they taste like.

The Importance of Vegetables

In spite of their reputation for tasting terrible, vegetables are a great way to kickstart your diet. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, which is something everyone could use more of. If you can find local food shops that sell organic produce, it’s well worth it—or growing your own will give you access to some of nature’s finest. Just remember to get your five-plus-servings per day.

The Rise of Superfoods

The popularity of healthy food has been growing for years, and we expect it to continue to do so into 2022. Delicatessen meals will become more popular as consumers realize how easy it is to make nutritious, homemade meals without spending a lot of time in preparation. Sales of ready-made and frozen foods will be on a downward slope due to their unhealthy nature – although people looking for convenience will still buy them occasionally.

How Quinoa is Taking Over the World

In just a few short years, quinoa has become one of our most popular food items. Are there health benefits? Is it its versatility? Or is it something else? Whatever be its reason, we’re likely to see more quinoa on our plates and menus in coming years.

Dairy Products Are Back In Style

No longer relegated to breakfast and baking, dairy is at least somewhat present in most modern meals. It comes as no surprise that of all perishable items tracked by Amazon Fresh, milk ranks #1. The popularity of fresh yogurt, cheese, butter and other dairy products has also led to a rise in independent food shops specialising in these products. 

Hot Drinks are Out

Hot drinks have been growing in popularity over recent years but are predicted to lose their popularity by 2022. As a result, more cafes will transition to offering cold drinks instead of hot drinks. This shift is already becoming clear, with Coffee Culture recently opening its first cold-drink focused branch.

Meat Consumption Is Down, Fish and Poultry are Up

People are cooking less meat, and that trend will only grow. Fish and poultry consumption is up (as of 2012), and we’re using more local ingredients than ever before. If you have a business idea surrounding food distribution or retail, it may be time to check out how your company can cater to these changing food trends. Take a good look at how today’s independent food shops operate and figure out how you can modernise their processes for tomorrow’s most popular foods.


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