Store and Serve Wine at An Ideal Temperature to Enjoy Its Delicate Flavors   

Drinking a glass of red or white wine is about enjoying its delicate flavors without following any rules. However, rules do apply when it comes to storing and serving your favorite wine at a particular temperature.

What Mainly Affects the Wine Flavor?

Wine can be a very fragile drink and needs special care while storing. The delicate flavors of wine can change due to climate, temperature changes, sunlight, and even sound vibrations. It is easy to order wine online but the temperature at which you store your collection is crucial. A glass of wine when served at the right temperature is a joy to savor or else can turn into a disaster if stored at the wrong temperature. The optimum wine temperature depends on the type of wine you are drinking, the number of tannins in the wine, and your personal preference.

The Best Temperature for Storing and Serving White Wine

White wine needs to be slightly chilled while maintaining a fine balance before serving as it lifts the aroma and acidic taste. However, over-chilling your bottle of white wine will cause the flavors to become muted and almost watery. The serving temperature depends on the style of wine you have. If it is bubbly sparkling wines, roses, or light dry white wines like Beaujolais then they need to be chilled.

Serving them at 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit brings out their fruity flavors and exuberant aroma. Wines with high acidity like Riesling gives a fresh and balanced taste at around 45-50 degrees. Full white wines like Chardonnay need to be stored at cold temperatures and to be served between 48-60 degrees to bring out their rich and buttery texture.

Sparkling wines like Champagne, prosecco, and cava when bought from a reputed online wine storeneed to be chilled to ensure that the carbon dioxide does not pop out unannounced. You can also use an ice bucket mixed with water. The best tip for serving white wine at a party is to chill the bottle and take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before you plan to serve.

The Best Temperature for Red Wine

Room temperature is not the ideal temperature for most red wines. They taste best when served chilled. Full red-bodied wines like Syrah tastes best when served at 60-65 degrees. While highly tannic wines like merlot can be served warm, light, fruity red wines like Gamay and Tempranillo benefit from cool temperatures of 55-60 degrees. When you buy red wine online,keep your bottle in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving. Next, either decant the bottle or pour the first glass, allow it to get warm, and drink after 10 minutes.

Achieve The Perfect Temperature

If you are living in a warm climate, store your wine collection in a dark room or in a fridge as high temperatures like 75degrees can ruin your wine. Keep a check on the bottle for signs of decay. The cork starts bulging if the liquid begins to expand due to decay and the resulting wine tastes stale.

Store your wine perfectly, chill and serve to enjoy your favorite bottle just as the winemaker wanted it to be enjoyed.


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