Pizza London Depot Plaistow

Get the weekend treat you deserve with a mouth-watering pizza from the London Pizza Depot in Plaistow!

As the end of the working week draws near, you will probably dream of sinking your teeth into a delicious pizza with some tasty sides, tangy dips and a sweet dessert to round off a perfect Friday night treat.

No matter whether you crave The Moroccan topped with an irresistible combination of aromatic chicken, chargrilled veg, black olives and spicy harissa reminiscent of the souks of Marrakesh, or you have a desire for the southern flavours of a sweet, smoky ‘n’ spicy Kentucky Badass BBQ, our team in Plaistow have got your weekend covered!

We know our pizzas have some very addictive properties, but don’t let your desire for a pepperoni-topped American Hot pizza get you all tongue-tied in your work presentation. Simply place your order online with us, and you can finish your working day safe in the knowledge that the countdown is on.

Something for the weekend…

You can enjoy a pizza delivery near me if you live within our home delivery areas:  E6, E12, E13, E16, E15, E7 Plaistow, London. We understand that organising a meal that everyone will like when throwing a party at home can be a hassle.

So why not take advantage of our fast and efficient pizza delivery service from the London Pizza Depot, Plaistow! We have an extensive range of international pizza flavours inspired by many different cultures from around the world.

By choosing from our fantastic menu, you will ensure that there will be plenty of choices to go around. Whether your family and friends like hot and spicy or mild and creamy, our team at Plaistow will create and deliver a perfect flavour combination for your next party at home. All you need to do is answer the door! 

Pizza is a perfect food 

Did you know there is some solid science behind why pizza is a perfect food and why it tops the charts of favourite foods the world over? 

Pizza contains just the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates that are easily absorbed and utilised by the body. This perfect combination works on the reward-related part of the brain to release dopamine – our feel-good chemical. We bet you didn’t expect a science lesson to come with your favourite pizza!

While it can be handy to know this when you are picking at the last crumbs from the crust of your Sicilian Sunrise, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying a sweet Belgium Waffle topped with creamy ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce for dessert – or looking forward to your next delicious pizza from our Plaistow shop. 

Special requirements?

What makes the London Pizza Depot Plaistow different is that we do our very best to cater to our customers’ special dietary requirements. 

We offer gluten-free pizza bases, sauces and toppings for those with a gluten or wheat intolerance. We also offer halal, vegetarian and vegan options, so we can substitute the ingredients in our popular range of pizza flavours to reflect your special dietary needs.

If you have any sensitivities to celery, soya, eggs, milk, peanuts etc., give our friendly team a call before you place your pizza order, and we will adjust your meal to suit your needs. 


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