Recommended Fillings for Chocolate Cakes

There is nothing better than a delicious chocolate cake. Unfortunately, many people feel that this dessert is too complex for them to make at home. However, this does not have to be the case.

What is cake filling?

In its simplest form, cake filling is a flavoured substance that is placed inside a cake. However, there are many different types of fillings, from fruity to creamy to chocolatey.

There are many different flavors and types of cake filling. Some popular kinds include chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and strawberry. Cake fillings can be made from scratch or purchased premade from the store. They can be used to fill cakes, cupcakes, or even doughnuts too.

Recommended fillings for chocolate cakes

1. White vanilla filling.

White vanilla cream filling is probably the most popular filling for any cake. It’s mainly because it is easy to make. It’s practically just white buttercream frosting added with vanilla essence and placed in between the layers of chocolate cake.

The same filling is likewise used as a frosting to cover the cake as it goes through decoration.

You will never go wrong with white vanilla cream because it complements the chocolate flavour in many ways. It is enjoyed by both kids and adults, and can be made fast and easy.

2. Vanilla custard filling.

Vanilla custard filling meanwhile is becoming popular among the best chocolate cakes in Singapore because of its decadent taste. Rather than white vanilla cream, vanilla custard is almost the same filling used in classic cream puffs. It offers a soft, mild but truly taste vibe that matches the darkest of chocolate variants without going overboard.

3. Strawberry filling.

When it comes to fruits, strawberry tops the list of fillings that match the best chocolate cakes in Singapore. It is because the fruity taste of strawberry works well with butter cream frosting or marmalade, which can be both used as a filling for cakes.

If you go for strawberry marmalade for chocolate cake filling, make sure you will be using it on dark chocolate variants to complement the bitter aftertaste. Meanwhile, if you want tangy, you may want to mix strawberries with vanilla cream frosting and use it as a filling between chocolate cake layers. This will not only give a crunchy bite, but will make your cake taller too!

4. Chocolate ganache.

Who goes wrong with chocolate ganache?

Chocolate ganache is a traditional chocolate cake filling that can be used to fill cakes, cupcakes and brownies. It’s made by combining hot cream until it thickens into an easy consistency then adding sugar or cocoa powder for flavour before adding it as a filling.

Chocolate ganache is the perfect complement to dark chocolate cakes, since it offers a lighter flavour to an otherwise bitter bite.

5. Peanut butter.

If you are serving chocolate cake but would want to temper the cocoa overload flavour, then you can do so by using peanut butter as a filling.

Peanut butter not only works well as a filling, but is also strong enough to hold the cake layers together to prevent it from crumbling.


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