Why Visiting a Modern Speakeasy in Las Vegas is a Must


The word speakeasy brings up images of a smoky barroom, where patrons enjoy drinks under dim lights as a jazz band plays in the background. While speakeasies were popular in the 1920s, they certainly didn’t die with Prohibition.

There are several speakeasies operating across the United States. A few of them can be found in Las Vegas, including one in the basement of the Mob Museum.

What is it about the speakeasy that’s caused it to endure so long, especially since Prohibition has ended and there are legal bars in almost every town in the country?

We’ll discuss the enduring legacy of speakeasies and why you should visit one in this article.

Keeping Secrets

While speakeasies aren’t as exclusive these days as they were in the 1920’s there’s still something to be said for keeping things hush-hush. These businesses don’t advertise, so you’ll either have to look them up or hear about them from a friend.

It’s not just the thrill of the mystery and the secrecy that draws people to speakeasies, though. The mysterious, semi-exclusive nature of speakeasies means that many people don’t bother to learn where they are, so the speakeasies often aren’t crowded.

Personal Connections

Despite the fewer people that go to speakeasies, it’s a great place to get to know people. You might be nervous talking to strangers, but you do have one advantage. Everyone in a speakeasy took the time and effort to find a speakeasy.

Speakeasies are also known for their loyal customers, so there’s a good chance you’ll see these people again. 

Professional Staff

You might also form lasting bonds with the staff, who are known for their customer service. Warren Buffet advised that building a reputation takes years and destroying it takes minutes.

That advice seems especially relevant now, as people look more closely at their lives and attempt to make sure that those they support are dealing fairly with everyone.

This isn’t a problem in most speakeasies, since the customer base consists of a few loyal regulars. This allows customer service to be much simpler and more personal. A lot of it repeats since good service creates regular customers who tend to be consistent with their orders.

Unique Drinks

Possibly the best reason to visit a speakeasy is the unique drinks they offer. The gin-joints and jazz clubs of the Prohibition era couldn’t offer imported wines or name-brand drinks for obvious reasons, so they brewed the alcohol themselves and came up with creative new cocktails to serve it in.

Modern speakeasies have carried on this tradition, offering unique drinks and recipes you can’t find in other bars. The only thing that’s changed in terms of drink options is the fact that speakeasies now pour high-quality liquor instead of bathtub gin.

What Is a Speakeasy and Why Should I Visit One?

Going to a speakeasy has become a popular hobby among young people. The quiet, friendly atmosphere, great service, and fun drink combinations make them an amazing experience that’ll have you coming back for more.

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