5 major benefits of consuming saffola oils

Saffola cooking oil is not just cooking oil, it has many benefits on your health. Here are 5 major benefits of consuming Saffola oil that make it a great cooking oil. The goodness of scaffold oil is beyond doubt. It has always been striving to provide the best nutrition and health benefits to all its consumers. Acknowledging such, a unique blend of ingredients is used in Saffola Gold which delivers 5 major benefits and hence is considered ideal for healthy cooking oil.

Saffola oils are rich in MUFA (monounsaturated fats) which aid in weight loss, help reduce cholesterol, and are a powerful antioxidant. The Saffola Gold range of blended oils offers the best of both worlds – Pro Healthy polyunsaturates from Rice Bran Oil & MUFA from Saffola Gold – which combines to provide you with a blend that is high on taste and pro healthy.

Saffola Gold, a perfect blend of refined rice bran oil and safflower (kardi) oil, is made from ingredients that are rich in MUFA. Besides providing 25% less saturated fat than other edible oils it enhances the nutritional value of your food. It contains the goodness of vitamin E and natural antioxidants to strengthen you and your family’s immune system.

Saffola gold, saffola oil version of the old saffola daily. It has a new improved formulation with seven essential components. Saffola Gold brings you the goodness of the Mediterranean. The heart-smart oil is a blend of refined safflower oil and rice bran oil, which helps improve the much-needed good cholesterol (HDL) of your body. Saffola Gold oil does not only provide you with heart-healthy cooking oil but also helps you stay ahead with its clinically proven benefits.

The 6-layered advanced filtering procedure ensures that taste, aroma, and nutrients are retained in the oil during the cooking process making it a better option than any other oil available in the Indian market today. Saffola Gold is fortified with vitamins A, D, E, and Omega 3 and 6 which help revitalize your immune system.

Saffola Gold, refined groundnut oil comes with natural antioxidants. It is a medium-chain fatty acid that’s absorbed quickly by the body and acts as an instant energy source. It acts very fast in increasing HDL cholesterol and prevents LDL oxidation. Saffola Gold Oil is made under the process of pre-filtration that helps make it free of impurities to fit for a healthy cooking solution.

Major Benefits of Consuming Saffola Oils is a detailed guide on the amazing health benefits and uses of healthy saffola oils. They are easily available in the market but it is very important to identify which type of oil is appropriate for you as per your health needs to stay fit and healthy for years.

Benefit 1: It is a good source of MUFA and PUFA that promise to help you lose weight.

Benefit 2: Lowers the risk of diabetes

Benefit 3: Helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels

Saffola Oil has up to 50% more Tocopherols than other refined oils. It is the storehouse for Antioxidants, which helps in reducing the damage caused to the body by oxidation and helps in maintaining healthy lipid profile levels. In short, it protects from diseases like Heart Attacks and Cancer. Over 25 years ago, Saffola pioneered the concept of heart-healthy oils by successfully removing saturated fats. Saffola is one of India’s leading brands in edible oil with a wide range of blended and specialty healthy oils. Saffola Gold contains a pro-healthy lipid profile that lowers bad cholesterol levels. It is scientifically designed with the SAFFOLA Aadhaar – an innovative process that cleans and removes impurities like cholesterol.

The best part is that this oil tastes so much like your regular cooking oil that it can simply be consumed.The antioxidant properties of Saffola Oil help to prevent cholesterol oxidation. A mixture of Saffola Gold Oil and Saffola Active works better than any other oil for your heart. Saffola Gold has a scientifically developed Tetra Pack technology. This facilitates the cooking of healthy food for generations by maintaining its natural aroma and rich taste.People may experience health benefits like, helping in weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels.


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