Learn the secrets of the Spanish seafood paella!

¡Hola! Come join us and learn all the secrets for cooking the real seafood paella. 

The seafood paella is also known as “Paella Marinera” or “Arroz a Banda” in Spain and there are a lot of varieties of paella dishes in different regions of Spain. Paella is synonymous with Spanish culture

A good authentic paella is not so easy to find in restaurants and preparing it at home is quite complicated, but once you know the secrets of the authentic recipe, you will be the master of The Spanish Seafood Paella

What Rice is used for Paella?

The first step is to select the right kind of rice. The best ones for cooking are the Bomba and the Senia.

Bomba rice is a rice that does not overcook, takes up the liquid well, and maintains a good texture. Senia rice is a round rice that takes on the flavor very well, both qualities are essential if we want our paella to be a success.

Another very important factor that must be considered when cooking paella is the broth. It’s best to prepare your own fish broth in order to get the most authentic flavor since the rice will absorb the original juices of the broth, but you can also get a seafood broth for paella for a quicker process.

Last but not least, Saffron. This is the most expensive ingredient of the seafood paella recipe and certainly the hardest to be found, but using it takes your paella to the next level. 

Saffron gives your paella a very particular flavor and taste. As the saffron mixes into your paella, it’ll give your rice a beautiful golden color compared to the “neon yellow” color created if you use food coloring as a Saffron substitute. 

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