The Best Sweeteners to Buy in 2022

Did you know that the average person consumes nearly 3 ounces of sugar daily in the United States? 

This quickly adds up through the year and doesn’t account for holiday treats and stepping outside of your diet. 

If you want to reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming, there are many other alternatives to consider. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the best sweeteners you can add to your drinks and food when your sweet tooth is calling! 

Agave Nectar 

One of the best sweeteners that you can use is agave nectar.

If you live in or near Mexico, you have likely seen this plant in the wild. Agave plants are succulents that have syrup on the inside made of glucose, water, and nutrients. This is a great option to try because it has a higher concentration of fructose compared to glucose. 

Depending on your preferences, you can get this syrup in a variety of forms. It can have a thin or thick consistency. 

Raw Cane Sugar 

If you like the flavor of molasses, you might want to try raw cane sugar as a sweetener.

Raw cane sugar has a light brown color and the granules are often large. This sugar is less refined and processed, making it slightly healthier than other options. A lot of people use raw cane sugar when they are baking or making their coffee. 

Vanilla Bean Sugar 

Although vanilla bean sugar contains granulated sugar, it is definitely an upgrade from what you typically have.

This sugar is infused with vanilla bean pods and seeds that give a tasty flavor and beautiful aroma. You can try using vanilla beans sugar for morning coffee or tea, use it for holiday baking, or as decorations. 

Raw Honey 

Whether you are shopping online or heading to the store, you can find an abundance of raw honey.

Raw honey is an excellent sweetener if you want something healthy, natural, and beneficial. Did you know that eating honey from your local community can improve your allergies? Honey contains many nutrients and the best part about it is how sweet the syrup is!

Many people are called raw honey a super food because of the nutrients and enzymes it contains. 


South America is known for having one of the best types of sweeteners on the market.

Stevia comes from South America and has been known to help people who are dealing with weight problems. This sweetener is recommended for diabetics and people following the keto diet. 

The Best Sweeteners Won’t Leave You Bitter 

Finding the best sweeteners can be challenging, especially with how many types are on the shelves. 

Sweeteners have received a bad reputation for including harmful ingredients and chemicals. These sweeteners won’t leave you bitter, they are pure, healthy, and delicious. You can use these sweeteners in coffee and tea, baked goods, or even on fruit. 

Don’t be afraid to sample these sweeteners to see which one is best for your stomach and taste buds. 

Make sure you check out our blog for more articles about artificial sweeteners and making healthier decisions! 


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