Let Liquor flow this New Year eve in Moderation

With just a few days to count before the year, 2021 becomes history and we welcome the new year 2022. No doubt most of us would like to forget the year 2021 as a bad dream which almost locked us down in our homes and scared us with the covid-19 pandemic. Indeed hundreds and thousands of people lost their lives and many of us lost our loved ones. So naturally, it is time to feel relaxed and gulp down that bottle of wine to welcome the new year and say adieu to the year that we all would like to forget.

All this year our focus has been on keeping healthy. We kept  afloat by taking all sorts of precautions. Let’s not throw them to the winds as yet.  Mind you 2021 is still on. Drink responsibly to enjoy New Year eve and forget the year that was.  You might be thinking of champagne or your favourite whiskey with your friends. Indeed that would be a great idea. But hold it, don’t overdo it or you might be stepping into the new year with extra kilos added to your belly and spend weeks if not months to get back to your target weight. True liquor does not have many calories in it but the food that went with it had. All the fried and junk food that you ate with your favourite alcoholic drink is what you have to watch out for. 

Drink Alcohol but don’t overdo it

True, New Year’s eve is one of the most special and celebratory evenings of the year. The night of December 31st is usually celebrated by eating good food and drinking some of your favourite alcohol. The idea is to bid farewell to the year that went by, and give a hearty welcome to the one which is knocking on the door. However, a common tendency to celebrate is by overeating junk and fried food and going a bit overboard with drinking. This way of partying can be dangerous, don’t underestimate pandemic as yet, its new variants have already made an entry.

When you drink wine, beer and vodka, the body’s has to metabolise the liquids you drank. It burns alcohol as it becomes toxic if it stays in the system for too long. As a result of this, all the calories get stored as fat in the body. This weight gain is usually water weight which is gained because of eating too much sodium or carbohydrates, as a result of water retention.

A few tips that makes your New Year morning enjoyable

So to avoid this situation don’t drink to the extent that you pass out. Your body naturally begins to detox on the next day. You can immediately begin to hydrate yourself by drinking water.   You can eat a banana or two before going to bed. Potassium-rich bananas can help in counteracting bloating caused by eating salty foods and alcoholic beverages. Next morning you can try yoga or brisk walking. And soon you are ready to take on the world in the New Year.All this was meant not to scare you but to make you aware about the perils of over eating and drinking. Just keep these few things in mind and order that bottle of whiskey or bourbon that you always wanted to share with your friends on the new year eve online from www.ourliquorstore.com  and enjoy! A great year is waiting for you with open arms.


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