10 Favorite Restaurants in New York City Enjoyed by Dr. O. John Ma

Creating a list of just 10 wonderful restaurants to include in a trip itinerary for New York City is a challenging task, Dr. O John Ma says. But these 10 restaurants offer a grand sampling of New York’s gastronomic offerings.

If you only have time to visit one restaurant on a quick trip for business in Manhattan, consider the iconic Rainbow Room, located atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza inside Rockefeller Center. Known as the place New York City comes together to celebrate, the Rainbow Room combines views of the Manhattan skyline with legendary service to create memorable dining experiences. Originally opened in 1934, the restaurant features a famous 64th-floor terrace.

For a contrasting dining experience, consider a visit to Gansevoort Market, one of New York City’s newest collections of food stalls. Local vendors offer a constantly changing menu with numerous organic and vegan options.

The two NYC locations of Bubby’s are a local favorite for brunch. Not fancy spots, Bubby’s are a good place to get your bearings the morning after you arrive to the city for a weekend vacation.

Chelsea Park is a venue for food stalls as well as independent shops. Catch a light lunch of anything from ceviche to designer doughnuts, explained Dr. O John Ma.

Perched in Hudson River Park, City Vineyard is a place to catch a gorgeous sunset. It is a favorite destination for an early dinner, or a plate of charcuterie and a glass of wine while enjoying the view

Jungsik on Harrison Street creates works of art in the form of Korean-fusion dishes. Their prices are higher than many other excellent restaurants in New York City, as might be expected of a restaurant that doubles as a culinary art destination.

Taiyaki is not so much a restaurant as a place you can walk in and be served a novel, delicious dessert in seconds. Your sweet treat may cost less than $10.

Convenient to mid-town, Upland Park is a relatively new addition on South Park Avenue near Madison Square Park. Its signature offerings include a Montauk fluke ceviche and several pappardelle pasta dishes.

When visiting Williamsburg or the West Village, Dr. O. John Ma says, a charming place for a relaxing lunch is The Butcher’s Daughter. Alfresco dining on burrata and pears or angel hair pasta and carbonara is a great way to recharge during a lull in a busy day.


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