One of the Best Tomatoes from All around the World: San Marzano

Introduction – 

San Marzano is a region in Italy. Also, this region is famous for tomatoes. That is why the tomatoes of this region are called the San Marzano tomatoes. San Marzano tomatoes are a plum kind of tomato that is longer. Apart from that, San Marzano tomatoes are also thinner. These tomatoes are canned and sold. But there is one thing, that you should remember and that is that not all the canned tomatoes are from San Marzano. They are not from Italy. Apart from that, another thing that you will notice is that San Marzano tomatoes are cultivated even outside Italy. One of the best things that you will know is that the San Marzano tomatoes are now even grown in the United States. In addition, the seeds of San Marzano tomatoes are available widely and you can even grow these tomatoes in your garden. 

Tomato San Marzano Heirloom Seeds Pack Of 10 - GreenMyLife

San Marzano Tomatoes Seeds Available – 

One of the things, that made the Americans seek the San Marzano tomatoes are the cans of the DOP San Marzano tomatoes officially that are grown in a small region between Salerno and Naples. San Marzano tomatoes DOP are very popular tomatoes and the DOP stands for protected designation of origin. It is similar to the protected designation or status of the food like that of balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano-Reggiano etc. One of the reasons why these tomatoes are famous is because of the combined flavor that it has, along with the sweetness, intensity, and the correct amount of acid present in the tomatoes that make it just perfect. 

Be Ware of Fake Tomatoes – 

Do many people also want to know how will they know if the tomatoes are a San Marzano DOP tomato? Just like olive oil, honey, and other stuff like saffron, etc. the San Marzano tomatoes are also known for being mixed or some people selling fake tomatoes in the name of San Marzano. But there are ways in which you will know. One of the things that you will know is that San Marzano tomatoes are now available in the US also because they are cultivated outside the official region too. You may get the same type of tomatoes, that are cultivated in the same soil and canned in the same manner, but sadly, these tomatoes are not DOP San Marzano tomatoes. 

Tomato San Marzano Heirloom Seeds Pack Of 10 - GreenMyLife

GMO-Free & Best Tomatoes – 

Many American companies are selling san Marzano tomatoes that are tomato GMO-free, and they are canned and domestically cultivated San Marzano tomatoes. And, you can buy these tomatoes are they are the best affordable choice that you can make. If you want, you can also taste the DOP San Marzano tomatoes to know more, but you might not taste also. The buyers need to check the sign of DOP on the cans, which shows the original status of the tomatoes that are inside. But there is a lot of fraud going on and stories have it that imported Italian tomatoes are being put on the label of DOP once they reach America. Original San Marzano Tomatoes are the best tomato for pizza. But, if you are getting San Marzano tomatoes with a fake DOP label then you should know that it’s not a genuine one.


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