Handheld Milk Frothers And Other Types of Milk Frothers

Milk frothers are needed to create the delicious froth and steamed milk for

millions of coffee beverages every day. When we order our favorite cappuccino

or latte, the likelihood is, the creamy top we love, was created by a steam wand

bolted onto a commercial espresso machine. 

However, nowadays a steam wand isn’t necessary to create the froth we love at home. Home

machines like the Breville BMF600XL use different spinning disks (one for latte and another

for cappuccino) to create a creamy milk froth so we can make great coffee lattes or cappuccinos.With  user friendly dials and lights, the modern milk frother does almost everything for you apart from actually pour the milk.

A great budget milk frother is the handheld milk frother which contains an AA battery or

rechargeable battery. Some have powerful motors and even two whisks. AA batteries will last about

a year and there are other benefits to these economical, handy devices. A clear benefit is they’re extremely portable so you can enjoy a latte or cappuccino on camping trips or away at college. Taking up hardly any space, they easily fit in drawers or car glove boxes. It should be said the froth created is not as heavy as steam wand froth you’ll find in Starbucks, though the final cream is delicious and a good imitation.

Latte Vs Cappuccinos

If you like to make lattes and cappuccinos at home that is easily achievable with the better milk steamers/frothers like the Breville BMF600XL . Lattes require more steamed milk and less froth. These types of home milk frothers deliver with aplomb. Cappuccinos are usually 50% espresso and 50% milk froth. 

The good home steamers/frothers are fool proof and are designed so you won’t need to buy a steel pitcher (which is a good idea with espresso/frother combos). Simply turn the setting to froth and when the lights indicate your creamy froth is ready, pour directly into your coffee cups. The better frothers will create enough foamy froth for at least 4 cups so no one in the family will be disappointed. 

For a guide to the best milk frothers pour over The Best milk frother buying guide and let your senses bubble up while think about creating creamy coffee beverages at home. 


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