Quest Food Management Services Team Builds Lasting Relationships With Company

Quest Food Management Services is committed to giving organizations and communities the highest quality, hand-made food available. And they ensure this goes along with a service that’s personal, responsive, and customer-focused.

Quest Food Management Services has had one goal in mind from the very beginning: to build enduring relationships with both their clients and their employees.

How Does Quest Build Lasting Relationships?

By sticking to their core company values. Values that have helped them become one of the most successful food management companies in the Midwest.

Since its founding in 1985, Quest has proudly served schools, businesses, and healthcare workers from over 85 locations across the Midwest region.

With over a thousand employees happily working under their banner, Quest is consistently ranked one of the top food management companies in the region and is a top-rated hirer in the area as well.

Employees Can Grow and Learn

The cornerstone of any company is its employees, and Quest Food Management Services know this better than most. In fact, one of the reasons behind Quest’s remarkable 35-year growth is because it pays considerable attention to its employees and how it selects them.

Quest’s goal is to enable every one of its valued employees to find an equitable and satisfying place in their food production family. Quest knows that customers are happy when employees are happy.

Quest Food Management Services must be doing something right with over $65 million in annual revenue and over 100 clients across the Midwest. Proof that they’ve taken to heart the idea that staff selection and corporate culture are just as important as the customer’s needs.

Core Company Values

Every successful business stands on a group of attributes that form its corporate philosophy. Quest is no different, having stood by and exhibited these values since the company began in Lombard, IL, 35 years ago.

These values stand as the foundation of the company and are a daily reminder to all levels of staff working under the Quest Food Management Services banner what the company stands for:

  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Doing things the right way regardless of who is watching and having employees who understand the importance of procedure and best practices in the foodservice industry is a must. Quest’s corporate culture is defined by its staunch insistence on not taking any shortcuts.

Quest Food Management Services will listen and respond quickly to any issues customers or employees wish to address and are always happy to find ways to make the customer happy. Quest seeks to give its customers the best foodservice imaginable because they deserve nothing less.

Amazing Work Environment

The team members at Quest will be the first to tell you that they feel empowered, like integral components of the work communities they belong to.

Quest prides itself on providing all its employees with the knowledge, skills, and training they need to run a thriving hospitality program. When you work at Quest, you will belong to a fresh, exciting, dynamic team that does purposeful work meeting the needs of communities.

Quest Food Management Services employees quickly find themselves part of a group of individuals with shared values and goals. Something that’s essential when it comes to the resource sharing and collaborative planning required by this industry.

Full-time work is available at all levels, including positions in Quest food management jobs.

What Can Employees Expect?

Working at Quest Food Management Services means that you can expect to build enduring relationships with the company and your coworkers. That’s the vision behind Quest’s team member management philosophy. One other interesting finding about most of their employees’ work schedules is that nearly all have evenings, weekends, and summers off.  Something you don’t really see in the foodservice industry.

There are multiple reasons behind Quest’s success in the Midwest, but one of them is its employment management philosophy. Something that spread to every area of the company, whether that’s equipment design, professional onboarding and training, marketing, food safety, sanitation, or community building. 

At Quest, employees can expect to:

  • Work for a company of the highest industry standards
  • Be treated professionally and respectfully
  • Receive feedback and correction in constructive ways
  • Be given opportunities for further learning, coaching, and mentoring

Full-time employees will also have access to the following benefits:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401k
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Supplemental Insurance

Giving Employees a Voice

It’s no mystery that well-trained managers are required to guide and lead successful teams. Quest knows that the more time it spends helping its workforce grow, the more that will positively impact its ability to serve communities healthy foods.

That’s why the management team at Quest Food Management Services are ambassadors of the company’s values. This ensures that each team member receives the respect and dignity they deserve regardless of their position.

At Quest, all employees have a voice. All employees can easily access HR reps, and District Managers are always accessible. If issues arise, Quest wants its employees to feel supported. Feedback is essential to the company’s success and a significant component of quality control.

Consider Quest Food Management Services for your next job application. Get the satisfaction of knowing you are serving healthy food from healthy menus and using socially conscious ingredients in thoughtfully prepared meals. The added bonus of having evenings, weekends, major holidays, and summers off is also a strong possibility.


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