Different Types of Coffee Beans & Ors. Coffee Available Online

One of the best time passes that one can do during the rainy days or summer evenings or the best at late night reading books is to sip hot coffee. Coffee is one of the best medicines for keeping sleep at bay and staying active. Different people have different kinds of tastes and so is the case with coffee. Some people will like Arabica whereas some will like Robusta, or some may like cold brew others may love iced coffee, or as the case may be. So, there are different things that we can experiment with the coffee. Like how in between there was a hype about Dalgona. But that didn’t work out with some people and for some, it was a complete waste of the coffee powder. 

7 Different Types of Coffee Beans from Different Countries | Blog | Elite  World Hotels

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

But let me tell you don’t need to experiment all that, a simple cup of Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is much better. It is a new type of coffee. In this type of coffee, the beans are aged in the liquor barrels like whiskey, bourbon, and also rum barrels. It is kept in the barrels for few weeks for it to develop a new type of flavor. So, you can also get whiskey barrel-aged cold brew coffee too. So, one of the best parts about this is that you get alcoholic flavors

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Definitely, this coffee is not for the tee-totals and I don’t think they will even like it. But for those who are not tee-total, they can enjoy various kinds of flavors of the bourbon barrel-aged coffee, or whiskey barrel-aged coffee, or any other flavored coffee. If you check online you can also get a packet of beans soaked in the barrel whiskey/bourbon and you buy those beans and make a fresh powder. The coffee beans will have a unique flavor that you can enjoy. 

Understanding Coffee Flavors: What Factors Affect Coffee Bean Quality? -  Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc.

Buy Roasted Coffee Beans

It is mostly the green coffee beans that are aged in the barrel and are yet to be roasted. So, before you buy online make sure whether the coffee beans are roasted or not. If not, then you should roast the coffee beans to the medium, this way the taste of the beans will not be burnt or smoked out. It will remain in the coffee. There are other good flavored coffee beans also that are available, like the plain ones. If you want you can buy even that one. Check the cost online and you can also compare the cost. 


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