Review Of Jura Z8 And S8

Coffee is something that keeps many people fresh and energetic during work time. Considering the need for love for coffee, here we introduce Jura Z8 and Jura S8. These are one of the best super automatic coffee machines which I am sure you’ll be adding to your favorite list after going through the review of Jura Z8 and Jura S8. These machines create great coffee, espresso, lattes, and one-touch Americanos – two at a time – all from a simple touch screen interface, is the perfect answer for an unsurpassed coffee standard.

Talking about the features:

Along with Jura S8, we also looked into the review of Jura S8 for you to check the features, compare and choose the best. The Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine makes it simple to enjoy barista-quality coffee beverages in the comfort of your own home. You can make a wide choice of tasty beverages with the simple push of a button on the 4.3″ high definition touch screen display — espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, flat white, macchiato, and more!

Whereas, Jura S8 Touch Screen color display which enables automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that takes care of the grinding and brewing for you.

Jura S8 has 15 specialities whereas Jura Z8 holds 21 specialities.

How does the Jura Z8 Works?

The review of Jura Z8 and Jura S8 holds one of the great technologies i.e the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) is one of the keys of the Z8’s remarkable coffee quality. During extraction, this method allows for the complete development of flavor and aroma qualities. You get the greatest coffee every time when you combine fine foam technology with milk coffee beverages.

Comparison of Jura S8 & Jura Z8

Both machines offer all of Jura’s latest essential technology in terms of capacity, sizing standards, and design. It all boils down to the finer points, such as the spout system’s height adjustability and the capacity of the water tank.

The capacity of Jura S8 is 10 oz bean container 64 oz water tank & capacity of Jura Z8 is 10 oz bean container 81 oz water tank.

The Z8 is more suited for consumers who prefer specialty drinks, while it could also be used to serve green tea enthusiasts. The Z8 has a few more functions than S8, such as programmable milk heat levels, which is a nice feature for milk drinkers.


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