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The weekend: those two sweet days of rest in which you forget about work, worries, and spend them resting and having fun. How many times have you wished that Saturday and Sunday had more hours? Although it is not possible to extend the time, there are some tricks that you can put into practice to take advantage of the weekend better.

Wake up at your usual time or earlier

The biggest mistake we make is to think that Saturday and Sunday are days to sleep for long hours. If you wake up at 12 p.m., it shouldn’t surprise you that weekends seem so short. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time so that you can wake up earlier on weekends, and make better use of these days.

Make plans in advance

Having something fun planned (a meal with a friend or a relaxing walk in the park) can be a great motivator for your day. Weekends seem longer if you leave the house and enjoy them outside. Find out what activities you, your family, friends or partner like to do together.

Do your chores first

Nobody likes to do housework. Very few people enjoy sweeping the floor, washing dishes, or ironing clothes. But it must be done. So the sooner you do these tasks, the better and more time you have to take advantage of the weekend. If you can, try to shop for the week or weekend on a weekday afternoon or Friday night.

Plan your meals

Cooking food can take a lot of time, especially during the weekend if you’re not well prepared. You can spend many minutes thinking about what to eat, what to buy, what to prepare, cooking them, etc. The easiest way is to go outside with your friends or family members and book a table at Hometown Buffet. Click here to know the Hometown Buffet Prices.

Visit new sites

Going to know a place with a new atmosphere will make you enjoy Saturday and Sunday much more. With this new experience, you will trick your brain into believing that the weekend has been longer than you thought. You don’t have to go on a trip outside of your city or country.

Something fun on Sunday

On Sundays we have a mixture of emotions: we are happy because we can still rest a few more hours, but at the same time we feel depressed because we know that the next day we have to return to the routine. It is best if you plan something fun to do that day in the afternoon.


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