6 Best Baking Tools Every Aspiring Bakers Should Buy

Baking is a unique activity that enables a person to show off both their culinary skills and artistic skills. No baker wants to bake a burnt cake or a bun that is still partially raw. These baking mistakes cause people to never eat your food. Even though food should taste good, it should also look good. Nobody is going to eat a cake that has been mangled despite how sweet it may be. The cake would need to be rightfully shaped. You can also go the extra mile of putting sprinkles on the cake to make it even more appealing.

If you wish to venture into baking, then you need the right baking tools. It is not just about having the tools but also knowing how to use them. To further improve your baking skills, watch baking tutorials or enlist the help of a friend who knows how to bake. The six tools every aspiring baker should have are: mixing bowl, icing piping cream, hand mixer, rolling pin, pastry and cookie cutter and a loaf pan.

The article will describe how the six tools are used and later on, we will find out the best places to shop for them.

Mixing bowl

It is a bowl in which the ingredients are mixed. The bowl comes in different materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. It is up to the baker to decide on the type of bowl to buy once they have weighed out the pros and cons. For instance, metal mixing bowls are inexpensive and durable. The drawback of metal mixing bowls is that your mixture could turn grey if you scrap the bottom too hard with a whisk.

Icing piping cream

This tool resembles a toothpaste lid. You need to squeeze it to get cream out of it and carefully decorate your cake or cookie. Some bakers choose to make their icing piping cream instead of buying one. You can make your piping cream out of a polythene bag.

Rolling pin

It is used to shape and flatten dough. If you do not have one, you can improvise with a wine bottle. Rolling pins are also made from various materials such as wood, stainless steel, ceramic and plastic.

Pastry and cookie cutter

The tool comes in different shapes e.g., heart, circular, star, triangular, square and the list is endless. You can make your cutter out of a can. A beginning baker should use the circular cookie cutters before advancing to other geometrical shapes.

Loaf pan

The loaf pan gives bread its usual shape. It shapes the bread while it rises in the oven. You can use it to bake different types of bread such as pumpkin bread, banana bread, challahs, soda bread and so on. Bread needs 50 minutes in the oven, so you should be very patient and not pull it out before the time has elapsed.

Hand mixer

This is a convenient tool that easily mixes your dough and whips your eggs. Even though it is an easy tool to use, you have to be careful when using it. Not all ingredients need a hand mixer. When making chocolate chip cookies, you will need to stir the chips in the dough by hand. Using the tool to mix the chips directly will result in its motor burning up.

Where to buy the baking tools

You can choose to shop for these baking tools in a supermarket or visit online shopping websites such as https://www.amazon.com/. Some baking tools tend to be pricey online or in shops, so you will need to consider cheap alternatives like vouchers and online coupons. We will discuss how you can get great deals through these alternatives mentioned.


A voucher is a paper generated by a company that has a certain monetary value. They can list any amount they wish whether $20 or $100. Vouchers can only be used in certain shops, so it is not a substitute for money. Lucky shoppers are usually awarded vouchers in person for their loyalty.

There are voucher codes on the voucher. They entitle you to a discount. The voucher codes use a combination of numbers and symbols which indicate the discount percentage. They are used after the end of your purchase.

The next time you purchase a baking tool online, you will need to key in the codes to be granted your discount. You will then receive a notification about your discount immediately after you make a purchase.

Companies tend to be reluctant to dish vouchers out since they incur the cost of printing and distribution. Shoppers tend to dislike vouchers for their limited duration. If the deadline has passed and the client fails to use it, they will not be awarded a discount. Vouchers also restrict the client to buying one specific type of item e.g., soap vouchers or shoe vouchers. An aspiring baker with a soap voucher cannot use it to purchase rolling pins for instance.

Online coupons

Unlike vouchers which are mostly given to you out of loyalty or luck, coupons are readily available on the internet for free. A quick online search for the term, “Noon Coupon Code” will display a list of websites that have the coupons. Their discount percentages range between seventy and ninety. 

A coupon works similarly to a voucher as it contains a coupon code. You can obtain a coupon code for free or at a relatively affordable cost. Aspiring bakers can expect great deals when they obtain these codes. They will even afford to buy other baking tools not mentioned in this article.

Bakers who intend to use coupons should be very wary of fake ones. They should do a thorough background check of the company issuing them.


Aspiring bakers should take advantage of the digital space to acquire the baking tools cheaply. Furthermore, there are online platforms that educate bakers on how to bake; so, it is not always about making purchases.


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