4 Little-Known facts About the Fondant Cakes

Also known as the sugar paste, Fondant is a type of icing you probably have seen on cakes. It is most commonly used to embellish cakes, pastries, and cupcakes. Unlike the other icings, its texture is a lot different, and this is exactly what makes it different from others. There are types of fondants such as poured and rolled fondant.Rolled fondant comes with a similar texture to clay whereas the poured fondant is thick and a bit gelatinous liquid. The rolled fondant is contrastingly stiffer, and the poured one is less stiff and less common, which is basically used for covering or filling the cake.

In fact, both types of fondants have become less common. Now, we don’t get to see fondants on cake very often. Perhaps, it’s the new butter creams or ganache cakes that have replaced the need for fondant and gumpaste molds. However, we’re shining a light on some little known facts about the fondants why everyone should fall in love with the fondants again, and why they are still the best. So, without further due, let’s give it a once-over.

Impeccable Finish

Unlike other types of creams which leave a bunch of air bubbles, fondants provide straight side sharp edges, which appear out to be immensely appealing. As they provide a flawless finish, they can be customized into anything. So, not only are they meant to eat, they can also be decorated in place for the weddings, anniversary, or any event, it is sure to catch innumerable eyes.

Exceptional Structure

Apart from having a flawless finish, fondant cakes come with a great structure, which also makes them easier to be transported. Best of all, it makes your fingers less sticky as it has a bit muddy or thick texture.

Eliminate Dairy Sensitivity Issues

In case some of your guests turn out as lactose-intolerant, they will not be able to eat a cake made with dairy products. But, once they know fondant cake is in the house, they will not be able to resist themselves to have the taste of it.

Kids favorite

There is no denying that kids love the fondants. Perhaps it’s the ability of its texture that can be easily customized into anything. Almost anything can be designed into a fondant cake, and most of the cakes representing cartoon characters are usually made up of fondants.  And, what’s not to like about the fondant, its colorful dollop of sugar can never fail to mesmerize anyone whether they are kids or adults.

So, let’s wrap it all up here with these few reasons why should one choose fondant cakes over anything. However, when it comes to the taste, it’s completely down to your preference.

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