What are aronia berries and how are they beneficial to your health?

Everyone knows about cranberries and blueberries but have you heard of aronia berries? It is a shrub native to North America and they are also known as chokeberries. They have earned this name because of their sharp taste which has been known to cause dryness in the mouth. However, don’t let the name mislead you, these berries are completely safe for consumption and they also have several health benefits. Aronia berries have a resemblance to cranberries and are small in size and are available in black or red colors. Early North Americans used it for medicinal purposes- like treating colds. They are available in numerous forms- dried, fresh, and in liquid form. In this article, we will explain some aronia berry health benefits which you may not be aware of.

  • It has cancer-fighting properties– People having certain types of cancer might get health benefits by consuming Aronia berries. It has been found in studies that Aronia berry has helped in avoiding colon cancer in rats. Also, another research study has shown that people with breast cancer have also received health benefits. Aronia extracts have significantly reduced the damage of the cells.
  • Maintains the organ health– Consuming the juice of Aronia berry helps in improving liver function. Though the research of Aronia berry is still underway, it has shown encouraging results as of now. Besides having good taste, it is also known for improving the overall health of the organs.
  • Helps in Weight loss– People with obesity can get lots of health benefits by consuming Aronia. An experiment was carried out on obese mice. The Aronia extracts were introduced and they helped in destroying fat generation as well as helping to produce positive changes in body weight. In other words, we can say that Aronia berry extracts can be an admirable addition to fat-loss diets.
  • Antidiabetic propertiesAronia berry health benefits are many. According to the American Society for Nutrition, a 2019 study revealed that “consumption of aronia berry (poly)phenols improved endothelial function and modulated gut microbiota composition, indicating that regular aronia consumption has the potential to maintain cardiovascular health in individuals at low risk of cardiovascular disease.” It has also been found to resist insulin on various levels. It prevents the spikes and drops of blood sugar levels which is quite dangerous for a large percentage of diabetics. The anti-diabetic properties not only positively affect the blood glucose levels but also help in reducing weight which is pivotal for many diabetics.
  • Can fight infections– Aronia extracts are considered very effective for people suffering from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). The right consumption amount can bring hosts of benefits to people suffering from diarrhea, ulcers, and gastric problems.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, aronia berries are packed with vitamins. They are low in calories and fat and are used for two main purposes- therapeutic and culinary. For example, fresh aronia berries are also used in muffin cakes, tarts, and pies. Moreover, they are also being used in jelly and jam. As far as therapeutic uses are concerned, aronia is great for improving cardiac health, lowering eye-related problems, and regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


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