Modernisation of Red Wine is Thought to be Good for You

Red wine in moderation is thought by many of the health community to be good for you. It is thought that antioxidants in red wine can promote a healthy body and prevent coronary artery disease – this is the condition that leads to heart attacks.

The links between red wine and fewer heart attacks may not be completely understood., but part of the benefit could indeed be that antioxidants in red wine can increase elves of higher-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol – also known as ‘good’ cholesterol – and even protect you against the horrors of cholesterol buildup. You can purchase wine online and get access to all varieties of it.

Doctors might not recommend that you start drinking alcohol for heart benefits – especially if there is a history of alcohol addiction in your family. Too much in the way of alcohol can have a myriad of harmful effects on the body. However, if you are someone who can drink in moderation and drink responsibly, then the science suggests that moderation of drinking has a beneficial effect on your heart health.

Antioxidants in red wine are called polyphenols and may help protect your blood vessel lining. One of these substances is called resveratrol which has gotten some brilliant attention for its fantastic health benefits.

Resveratrol might even help prevent damage to blood vessels, reducing low-density lipoproteins this is commonly thought of as bad cholesterol and therefore preventing blood clots.

However, studies on resveratrol are indeed mixed. Some of the research suggests that resveratrol can be linked to a much lower risk of inflammation, as well as blood clotting. Other studies, however, tell us that there are no benefits to resveratrol in preventing heart disease, or anything else for that matter.

More research is sorely needed to determine if resveratrol does indeed lower the risk of inflammation and blood clotting.

Resveratrol in grapes. Supplements or other foods come from the skin of the grapes which are used in the winemaking process. Red wine is fermented with grape skins for a longer period than whine wine, and therefore, red wine contains significantly more resveratrol.

It is not yet known how beneficial this might be compared to say eating grapes or drinking grape juice is. The amount of resveratrol can vary vastly in both wine and food. It’s also handy to know that such a thing called resveratrol supplements exists, which means that this great natural product is more accessible than you might have thought.

Remember that if you try to incorporate wine into a balanced and healthy diet, it needs to be just that – balanced and healthy and in moderation. While we can enjoy the health benefits of red wine in moderation, they would be completely obliterated and overshadowed by the destructive nature of binge drinking and alcoholism. Alcohol can cause serious physical and mental health defects when consumed in excess. As such, make sure you are always mindful as you enjoy organic and sulphite-free wines and natural wine – as long as you are, you should be okay to enjoy its positive effects. Please enjoy responsibly.


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