Ido Fishman Discusses Unwritten Rules of Cooking for Every Home Chef

If you have just begun your journey in the kitchen and finding it challenging, you are certainly not alone. Cooking can be challenge for many and there are a number of unwritten rules related to preparing food, which most people pick up through trial and error. If you become aware of these rules, it can make the process more comfortable and fun. Luckily, Ido Fishman has discussed these written rules of cooking that every home chef can benefit from. Let’s check them out:

  • Slice chicken before you cook it

If you want your chicken to cook faster, Ido Fishman says that you should butterfly the breast and cut it into fillets after pounding it to equal thickness. If you don’t do this, the small end of the breast will end up being dry and overcooked by the time the larger side of the breast is cooked. This extra step is an easy one and can make a big difference where taste is concerned.

  • Preheat the pan before you add food to it

Your pan and oil should be heated adequately before you add food to it, or else your food will either stick to the pan or will cook unevenly. 

  • Reduce the heat to medium once the pan is heated

After you have heated the pan, Ido Fishman recommends that you drop it to a nice medium setting. It is simply not possible to flash-cook everything and you will end up ruining your food’s texture and flavor this way.

  • Don’t let salt scare you

This is a very basic thing, but under seasoning is a mistake made by rookies. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of salt, or else you will end up with bland food. 

  • Sharpen the knives

Your knives can never be sharp enough if you are still having trouble doing things. According to the Ido Fishman blog, chopping things with dull knives is never a good thing. It is possible to sharpen even a cheap knife. This will end up saving time and will turn out to be less dangerous as compared to cutting with a dull knife. 

  • Let your steak come to room temperature before you cook it

If you cook a steak directly after taking it out of the fridge, it will not really cook well. Once it hits the hot pan, the fibers in the meat will tense up and go into shock and cause the steak to become tough. That’s not what you want. Therefore, Ido Fishman suggests that you let the steak come to room temperature before you start cooking it. 

  • Use a thermometer to check if the chicken is done

When you are cooking, you shouldn’t poke your steak with a fork because any hole you poke in will only allow the juices to escape. You can use a thermometer for checking the temperature to see if the chicken is done. 

  • Season vegetables at the start of the cooking process

The best time to season your vegetables, as per Ido Fishman, is when you add them to a pan. This ensures that you don’t over season at the end and improves the flavor profile than it would if you only seasoned at the end. In fact, it is best to season throughout the cooking process. This makes your food taste better and you may not have to use a lot of seasoning. 

  • Wash your rice to get maximum fluffiness

When you wash your rice, it will prevent it from getting sticky and will provide the fluffy texture you want. 

  • Use fondant rather than frosting for an intricate cake design

If you are making a cake that has an intricate design, Ido Fishman suggests that you don’t use frosting. If you want the smooth texture, its fondant that you should go for and it is easier to use than frosting. 


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