Beginners guide: Everything you need to know about Induction Cooktop, Kadai, and Tawa

The energy produced by a gas burner from LPG is just 55% rest is wasted and energy produced by traditional electric cooktops is around 65% and the rest is wasted. So to overcome this issue and to be able to harness maximum energy from fuel or energy source induction cooking was introduced. Induction cooking was invented long ago but recently it has started gaining popularity. Induction cooking currently influences 8% of the total market share of cooktop and cookware.

What is Induction Cooktop and Induction Tawa and Kadai?

Induction cooktops work by producing a magnetic field between the cooktop and cookware. Cooktops have coils below the cooking surface and energy is produced in the electromagnetic field of the coil which heats the food in cookware. The loss of energy is very less in induction cooking.

Induction cooktops only support induction cookware.  So your Aluminum and copper Kadai and Tawa won’t work on the induction cooktop.

For your Kadai and Tawa to work with an induction cooktop you need it to have a flat bottom and it must magnetic. Only cookware made of a magnetic-based material, such as cast iron or magnetic stainless steel are compatible with the Induction cooktop.

So Induction Kadai and Tawa are cookware made of magnetic-based material.

Why Opt for Induction Cooktop, Induction Kadai, and Tawa?

1.. Temperature Control:

Induction cooking allows us to control the temperature while cooking. In the Gas burner, we can control the temperature but can’t set the exact temperature at which we want to cook. In induction cooktops, you can enter the exact temperature at which you want to cook your dish.

2..Fast Cooking:

Induction cookware is known for its speed. Food on the induction cooktop can be cooked quite faster compared to the gas burner and electric cooktop. When you use induction Tawa and Kadai or other induction cookware the heat is directly transferred from the induction cooktop to cookware this results in food getting heated faster. As per many studies, an induction cooktop heats the food and water 50% faster than any gas burner or electric cooktop.

3.. Energy Saver:

While cooking on the Gas burner you will find that kitchen temperature also increases. It feels hotter inside the kitchen even with ventilation on. When you cook over an induction cooktop you won’t face this problem.  Cooking on an induction cooktop is faster and consumes less energy which ultimately saves you money.


Induction cooktop is well known for its safety features.  An induction cooktop and cookware get heated and cooled fast. Further cooktop doesn’t emit any gas into the air and there is no risk of anything catching fire. Some cooktops have features that prevent accidents. Even when you leave the cooktop on it won’t work unless induction cookware is kept on it.

These were some of the features which make using induction cooktops, Induction Tawa, and Kadai more convenient and safe. The Price of an Induction cooktop may be more than Gas burners but using an induction cooktop and cookware ensures your family safety.

The Induction cooktop gets cooled fast so it is rare for someone to burn their hand on an induction cooktop.  Cleaning of Induction cooktop and cookware like Tawa and Kadai is quite easier too. Lastly buying an Induction cooktop from a trusted seller is very necessary many sellers provide fake products and they don’t work for long.  So always look for quality cookware and cooktop. You can easily find cookwares at  reasonable price.


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