Why bartending is the best job in the world

There are many people who think bartending is a simple job. You pour out some drinks, clean some glasses, make sure your bar looks tidy etc… but there is so much more than that. Many people when they are young try getting some jobs either in pubs or bars where they will pour out a few pints, maybe mix a cocktail or two and will not really know what they are doing. That is why in my humble opinion, I feel that bartending is something that needs to be mastered before you can really call yourself a bartender.

It is a fine balance in this world of finding a job that you are passionate about and that you can survive off. In bartending, it combines different passions into one ultimate job. When you are a bartender, you are a performer and an artist for you are creating what should be a delicious drink for somebody whilst also trying to show off how good you are at your job. People want to be amazed by how passionate you are about being a bartender. That’s where flair comes into things and to be able to throw one bottle behind your back to wow your customers whilst also thinking about what exactly is going into the three different drinks in front of you is a true art that must be mastered. As well as being a performer, you are also trying to be a perfectionist, making sure that what you are giving your guests is the best it can be. There is no room for mistakes because as soon as your customer takes a sip of their drink, you want them to notice how good it is and how much care has gone into mixing together these four or five different ingredients. You are also a scientist; experimenting with different concoctions and flavours to try and create something new and wild which people will want to come back to and tell their friends about. Speaking of which, you are also a friend to the people on the other side of the bar to you. You are the soul provider of what could make their night a memorable one. With your help and friendly smile, they will want to come back to you for more drinks, and we all now (whilst not being silly) a few drinks here and there can really make you have an amazing time if your surrounded by great people. That’s why whilst being a bartender, you are so much more than just somebody behind a bar with various alcohols around them and some glasses.

So, with all this to consider with one job, why should you become a bartender. One company, Spin and Shake, which was founded earlier this year proves how much fun you can have whilst being a bartender. They are a private bartender hire company which can roll their mobile bar right into your home and make that incredible experience of drinking in a bar so much more personal. They have everything that you look for in a bartender. You do not only get to know them really well, but you also get to be so much closer to all the action and even try out some of the tricks they know behind their bar. Whilst they are making you drinks, they to are also having an amazing time because they can see what they are doing for you and your friends. They are creating a fun and exciting atmosphere with their tricks and skills, impressing everyone around them. That is another reason to be a bartender, because it is the best opportunity to show off and prove to people how good you are at what you do. Instead of sitting behind a desk and letting your pay check prove that you are good at your job, you get to be right on the front line show that you are the best at what you do and that you are so passionate about being a bartender that you are willing to have people right in front of you, making it such a personal experience as well.


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