Best Fat-Burning Foods for Women

It is a fact that there are certain foods that actually possess the ability of helping you burn fat. They have a high thermogenic effect, which means that these foods help you burn more calories than they add on. Moreover, these foods comprise of such nutrients and compounds that are known to give your metabolism rate, which means you shed off even more calories. They can literally melt your fat away even while you are chewing them. Therefore, it is a good idea to incorporate them in your diet when you are planning to get rid of the excess weight you have. 

Eating the foods outlined below will help transform your body into a fat burning machine and you can incorporate several of them in your diet:

  • Frozen or Fresh Berries 

There are a horde of berries you can eat, whether they are raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries or blackberries. These berries have almost nil calories and carbohydrates so they are great when you want a snack. In addition, you have the option of adding them to desserts, low-fat yogurt, salads or even blend them up to make a smoothie. If they are out of season, you can always go for frozen berries rather than fresh ones. 

  • Citrus Fruits 

Some of the best citrus fruits include kiwi fruits, grapefruits, limes, tangerine, oranges and lemons and they help in keeping you full longer. As per Chef Ido Fishman, this is due to the fact that they have high acidity levels so they slow down the digestion of whatever you eat with them. You can choose to add these fruits in seafood or meat marinades, use as salad dressings or squeeze into a glass of water that can be taken with dinner. Kiwis, grapefruits and oranges can also be used as healthy breakfast options. 

  • Avocado 

Most women make the mistake of not eating any fats when they want to lose fat. This makes sense, but is actually a mistake. Avocados contain high levels of monounsaturated fats, which enables it to curb hunger pangs, spot-reduce belly fat and help you feel more satisfied. Therefore, it is the best dietary staple for weight loss and the great part is that it is always in season. You can eat them raw, add them to salads or to whole grain rye crackers and bread. 

  • Oatmeal 

The unsweetened and plain variety of oatmeal is the best choice as it can provide you with fiber, essential vitamins and minerals and complex carbohydrates. Fiber helps in digestion and complex carbohydrates take time to digest so you will feel full for long. Oats aid in keeping hunger in control and give you extra energy. They can be used in smoothies or you can eat oatmeal in breakfast by adding some strawberries, chopped nuts and a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon to it.

  • Fresh Fish 

When you are yearning for a fatty meal such as fish and chips, you can go with sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon or herring and just forget the chips. Your body will get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and you can use the tinned varieties for whole meal wraps or healthy sandwiches. You can enjoy these fish once or twice on a weekly basis with salad or vegetables.

  • Wholegrains 

These are loaded with nutrition and include barley, brown rice, quinoa, bread, buckwheat, whole meal pasta and cereal. Just like protein, wholegrains make your body work hard during the process of breaking down food, which means that your body is burning twice as many calories than digesting refined food. You can have a healthy and quick meal by adding some vegetables, nuts and lean protein sources. See a post here from Ido Fishman about healthy foods. 

  • Lean Red Meats 

Lamb, beef, pork and kangaroo are your best choices in lean red meats. Red meat can provide you plenty of essential fatty acids and is a great source of iron. It also gives B12 and folate to the body, but the red meat should not be overcooked in order to keep its amino acids intact. You can add the leanest cuts to your salads or use them in sandwiches for getting the best of proteins and healthy vitamins and minerals. 

  • Cinnamon 

Fat cells become a tad more responsive to insulin due to the active ingredient found in cinnamon and this gives your metabolism a boost by 20%. Cinnamon is also handy for stabilizing the levels of sugar in the blood. You can add cinnamon to yogurt or smoothies and you also have the option of sprinkling it on oatmeal or adding it to your coffee for some sweetness without increasing your calorie intake.  

These foods will help in slimming your waist and burning the excessive fat on your body.  Therefore, it is a good idea to include them in your diet wherever you can and consume them on a regular basis.      


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