Different Types of Coffee Drinks You’re Going To Love

A cup of coffee is a delicious beverage prepared from freshly ground coffee beans, crushed coffee berries, and the seeds from Coffea arabica species. Coffea beans are cultivated mostly in Central and South America and are harvested annually. 

“Once coffee berries turn bright red from green in color – indicating ripeness – they are harvested, fermented, and roasted. Roasted coffee beans are ground until they become dark black in color. The beans are then dried for long periods of time, making them dark brown or black in color,” said Coffee Shop Lady founder Sherry Harris. 

Coffee is prepared by grinding coffee berries and grinding the seeds to ensure a pure, aromatic drink. The process is known as roasting. Once roasted, coffee beans are prepared by steaming or baking to retain the natural flavor and color of the beans. 

Roasting coffee beans is done for a number of reasons, but there are several different types of roasting that can be used for different coffee drinks. In order to make the following drinks at home check out some of my favorite things. Now, let’s get started.

Espresso: Espresso, or more precisely, coffee made with espresso, is considered to be an art form. Espresso makers use various methods to produce a fine, dark, and creamy cup of coffee. Coffee beans used to make espresso air roasted using a special roasting method. 

Espresso, like other beans, must be kept clean and dry for optimal taste. To store the beans, it is recommended that they be stored at room temperature. In addition to providing a coffee cup of great taste, a clean, dry bean allows for an easy brewing process.

Macchiato: A macchiato is a lighter coffee drink produced by grinding espresso beans and grinding the coffee berries to create a creamier, light colored drink. Macchiatos are best served cold, or with a shot of espresso, and can be flavored with milk or cream. Macchiato coffee drinks are often served in the afternoon and can also be enjoyed anytime.

American Blend: There are a number of different kinds of American blends, each type made by grinding different coffee beans. These coffees come from all over the world and have a wide variety of tastes and aromas. 

Some of the common American blends are: Java and Jamaican Blue Mountain, which are grown using the same soil, process, and include the same amount of sunlight, fertilizer, while the Costa Rican Blue Mountain and Robusta are grown under very different conditions and are more similar in taste. The best American blend is, of course, the Dominican Republic’s Blue Mountain.

Cappuccino: Coffee and Italian espresso are often combined in the making of a delicious cappuccino. Cappuccinos are espresso-based coffee drinks that are rich and creamy. Combining a mixture of coffee with milk, or cream makes the espresso. Cappuccino is often served with the base of a latte and cream.

Latte: Cafe latte is not to be confused with espresso. It’s a coffee drink that does not have the added sugar of an espresso, but has a much milder flavor than a cappuccino. Cafe latte is often served with a small amount of milk and a dash of fresh cream. Latte is generally served as an espresso drink and is typically served chilled, although it is possible to serve cafe latte cold. 

In addition, cafe latte is also known as the cappuccino. It is most often served in a coffee mug. Most cafe latte is prepared by pouring espresso into the mug and then putting whipped cream on top. Many cafes will serve it with freshly squeezed lemon, or orange juice and ice on the side.


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