Why Foie gras is banned, how to import outside France?

Many of the news articles have at least mentioned it once about banning or controversies around Foie gras. There have been lots of protests and debates around the US, the UK, India, and other countries as well. So to take it down briefly, let’s discuss these in detail.

Foie Gras:

The fatty liver of a deceased, expanded liver of geese and ducks which are often marked as a delicacy and a luxury to have is known as Foie Gras. And one of the widely produced and famous in France often gets import foie gras from France around the world. Most of the dishes you will get from Foie Gras get served as Pete, but you can search out for different ways you can eat Foie Gras.

Why is Foie Gras banned all over the world?

The cruelty on Ducks and geese starts around when they attain eight weeks from their birth. They get fed forcefully, which is called gavage. Each day they are stuffed twice and approx. 2.2 pounds of food. And the amount is much more than they naturally consume and their throat gets swell, and it becomes eight times more than their usual size. And due to excessive feeding, they get so large that they are unable to move their body around and may die due to pneumonia or their throat may suffer deep pain in neck, beak, and often go untreated.

Slowly as the people came to know about the disgusting process of Foie Gras production, soon people started boycotting the delicacy and started writing campaigns, protests, through emails. And the various communities of animals’ special rights supported and gave a push for the ban. And on October 30th, 2019 finally, the bill got passed to ban the Foie Gras. Foie Gras that get made without force-feeding the birds are still legal around New York, but the production company has to show the proper documentation and proof else they may get to have to pay a hefty fine for breaking the rule. The essential step is a huge success in saving the lives of innocent animals and birds.

Import Foie Gras From France

If you live anywhere around the European Union, then you can get the products freely without any restrictions. There is no risk or custom duty involved that you will need to pay or worry about your product, getting stuck in between the shipping. Other than the European Union, there will custom duties and Government regulations that you may have to face.


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