Thailand’s 3 Most Popular Curries

Thai food is famous all around the world. Although Thai food has literally hundreds of tasty dishes, it’s possibly most well-known for its curries. 

The most popular Thai curries are made with coconut milk. Although there are many less well known curries that don’t. One thing they all have in common is their fresh and fragrant flavors. 

Thai Green Curry

Thai green curry is possibly the most famous Thai of all. It’s pretty spicy and if you have it in Thailand it will be incredibly spicy. If someone offers you a Thai green curry that isn’t spicy then they obviously haven’t used an authentic Thai green curry recipe. Green curry is green because of all the green chillies that go into the curry paste. Green curry is made with coconut milk and a variety of vegetables depending on what part of Thailand you are in. 

Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry is another incredibly popular Thai curry. Most people wrongly assume that Thai Red Curry is spicier that green curry. This isn’t actually the case. Thai Red Curry is red because of the dry red chillies that are used in the curry paste. This type of chilli is nowhere near as spicy as the Thai bird eye chillies are used in the green curry. Red curry is made with coconut milk and a variety of vegetables, just like the green curry. 

Massaman Curry

Massaman curry is a very mild curry. Unlike red and green curries which can be made with a variety of different vegetables, Massaman curry is always made with onion, potatoes and peanuts. The Massaman curry originated from the south of Thailand. It’s made with coconut milk and potatoes, onion and peanuts. 

These are the three most popular Thai curries, not just in Thailand but in the world. Typically they are usually served with Thai Jasmine rice. This is a special type of rice produced in Thailand. In fact, most Thais will refuse to eat any other kind of rice! 

If you haven’t tried any of these famous Thai curries yet then you are really missing out. If you are afraid of spicy food then just go with a Massaman curry served with a nice portion of fluffy jasmine rice. Whatever curry you try, eating it with Jasmine rice will help to cool it down if you are finding it too spicy!!


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