5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Oreos

Everyone loves Oreos. Oreos have been the favorite snack of many of us out there. But we all are perplexed with the fundamental question of “Are Oreos Vegan?” Here are some of the reasons why Oreos are the favorite cookies of all times:

  1. They Come In Perfect Sizes

Oreos are exactly the right size for a tasty indulgence without any overpowering taste of sweetness covering your mouth. They are crunchier and at the same time, they are soft and provide the delicious taste and flavor that we all have grown to love.

  1. They Are Perfect Everyday Companions 

Regardless of what you do or what your hobbies are, be it travel, art, music, books, writing, or anything else Oreos are the perfect companions for your everyday activity. Over time they have become the perfect snack to munch on, no matter where you are and what you are going to do. They can even help to unleash your creativity.

  1. They Are A Classic

When it comes to fashion, even fashion in food then black and white will never go out of style. We can conclude the same for Oreos. They can be basic chocolate and vanilla or red velvet, but the classic round cookie has always been its signature touch for as long as we can remember. All the flavors of Oreo taste good in pretty much anything which you can make out of them such as Oreo ice-cream, Oreo cake, or Oreo cupcake.

  1. Variety Of Flavors

It comes in flavors like double stuff, cookie dough, birthday cake, and even mint flavor. Whatever flavor you want to indulge yourself in, Oreos got your back. All these flavors go well with different kinds of milk as well as milk alternatives.

  1. Delicious And That’s All That Matters 

The Oreos FAQ page answers the question “Are Oreos Vegan?” Well, they are not vegan because they have milk as a cross-contact and therefore are not suitable for vegans. Regardless of that they are delicious and are not unhealthy. 

Oreos of every flavor is the most excellent addition to your dessert, from red velvet cupcake with Oreos to Mini-Oreo stuffed cookies. You can add them or sprinkle them over anything to make your perfect dessert. Anyone with a perpetual sweet tooth will never be able to say no to a bite of an Oreo. This is why they will stay the classic cookies of all times and everyone’s favorite dessert. Try them out and you will know.


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