Pure Texas Olive Oil and Why Texas Hill Country Olive Co. Doesn’t Compromise

In most industries, dedicated professionals, creatives, and visionaries create products for the betterment of consumers. However, every industry also experiences mass-market shortcuts, undermined quality of products, fraudulent business activity, and other compromises in integrity. These activities often come at the cost of consumers. In the olive oil industry, detrimental activities attempt to mislead consumers into buying subpar products at premium rates. The experts at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., a premier Texas olive oil company, examine common fraud in the olive oil industry. The company arms buyers with tips for avoiding olive oil scams, and reports why Texas Hill Country Olive Co. will never compromise its integrity.

Mislabeling EVOO

Extra virgin olive oil, referred to as EVOO, is a prized product for many manufacturers. In order to earn the label, EVOO must be minimal in adulteration, and generally free of chemical and solvent intervention. The use of such processes destroys flavor and taste molecules and renders olive oil lower in quality. Furthermore, manufacturers looking to extend shelf life may add chemical processes. With any intention, the finished product is of lesser quality. This is where mislabeling occurs. Poorer quality olive oils can be intentionally mislabeled as EVOO in order to draw consumer interest and bring in a higher profit.

To avoid purchasing a poorer quality olive oil product mislabeled as EVOO, transparency is key. The proud staff at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. aims to educate consumers, showcase their products, and provide sourcing information on all labels. Texas Hill Country Olive Co. staffers provide tours, tastings, and information. For out-of-town customers, the brand offers virtual tours, a strong online presence, and educational content. Domestic olive oil companies like Texas Hill Country Olive Co. aim to build consumer satisfaction through proactive communication.

The experts at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. encourage buyers to take a few moments to learn about their olive oil. To do this, they can seek the origin of their intended purchase, from olive to bottle. If the product is easy to source and verify, confidence in its contents can exist. They encourage buyers to look for various indicators of transparency and openness. These can include “pressed on” or “harvested on” dates, and other freshness markers. Also, they encourage buyers to purchase directly from the source, or from reputable distributors of olive oils.

Cutting EVOO With Lower Quality Substitutes

In order to maximize profits, fraudulent activity in the olive oil industry sometimes involves the process of “cutting”. In this process, high-quality EVOO is mixed with low-quality oils to maximize output. This subpar mixture is then sold at EVOO pricing, leaving consumers overpaying for low quality hybrid oils. Manufacturers of these “zombie oils” can sell these mislabeled and cut oils at lower prices to chain grocery stores. This increases consumer purchase through lower pricing. Meanwhile, traditional high-quality EVOO prices continue to rise. Increased manufacturing costs, the spread of olive-tree-killing Xylella Fastidiosa bacteria, and other changes have increased final costs. These factors make it impossible for manufacturers of high-quality EVOO to compete with their faux counterparts.

The process of “cutting” EVOO hurts the entire olive oil industry. Additionally, it prevents consumers from reaping the benefits of EVOO consumption. Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s staff reports many consumers are vastly interested in the health benefits of high-quality olive oil. For many EVOO devotees, the health benefits are at the forefront of their self-care journey. Unadulterated EVOO is high in monounsaturated oleic acid, which accounts for about 73% of total oil content. This fatty acid is linked to a reduction in inflammation and even genetic benefits. Cutting olive oil changes this percentage, minimizing the content of monounsaturated oleic acid.

In addition to the beneficial fatty acids, EVOO is full of biologically active antioxidants. They are attributed to potentially reducing the risk of chronic disease, and minimizing inflammation. By reducing the amount of EVOO present in a misrepresented bottle, the potential health benefits of these active ingredients is minimized.

To eliminate the potential of purchasing olive oil cut with other oils, openness is key. Some companies may slap misleading labels and promises on their bottles. Often, consumers don’t have the ability to fact-check these claims. This rings especially true for imported olive oils. As a viable alternative, think locally. The California and Texas olive oil industries are a good source of domestically-grown olive oil that are easier to fact-check. The folks at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. recognize that cutting olive oil deprives consumers of the health benefits they seek. Thus, the company goes out of its way to ensure that consumers can confidently enjoy the vast health benefits of EVOO throughout their line of products.

Eliminating Taste

Another byproduct of fraud in the olive oil industry is the marring of a true taste experience. When olive oil is subpar, cut with other oils, or adulterated, an authentic taste experience cannot occur. At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., tasting experts encourage eager tasters to experience the bite of pure EVOO. When tasted, authentic EVOO elicits robust flavor, aroma, and a back-of-the-throat experience that cannot be mimicked by fraudulent products. This concern may not be as jarring as monetary fraud or minimized health benefits. However, it deprives the consumer of an authentic experience. It minimizes the joy of tasting high-quality EVOO.

VariousMany reputable Texas olive oil companies encourage tastings prior to purchase. They provide potential consumers with tasting samples. Knowledgeable staff members walk consumers through the entire experience. Many people may recognize rancid olive oil. Not many people can discern the difference in quality without some education. Thus, eager staffers work to educate the masses and showcase the taste experience of their products. This eagerness to share the integrity of a product, and allowing the taste to drive sales, is integral to identifying genuineness. Many fraudulent manufacturers rely on the ability to fly under the radar. They await purchase on shelves by unsuspecting customers. They rely on the lack of ability to taste the product prior to purchase.

Maintaining Integrity of Texas Olive Oil

Frauds and scams exist in every industry. They account for the bad apples that have the propensity to destroy the entire tree. However, there are many examples of trustworthy companies working to maintain the integrity of the olive oil industry. Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is a leader amongst these companies. The company prides itself on its values, and is dedicated to upholding integrity and maintaining transparent operations. Through these values, they are evolving the domestic olive oil industry forward. Started as a family-run operation in 2008, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has grown into a pioneering leader in the industry. They have done this by maintaining consumer trust, a positive reputation, and an unwavering commitment to never compromise. In an industry marred by fraud, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is the real deal.


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