Features that You Must Look for in A Pizza House While Placing Your Order With Them

Pizzas are party classics that you can munch on even if it’s no occasion at all. What makes them so yummy is the selected ingredients recipes at popular family run pizza houses like livraison Double Pizza. This pizza giant is the one place where you’ll find the taste to be a blend of fresh herbs that sits right on the taste buds and never leaves. Besides, this excellent Montreal based pizza house thrives to offer pizzas at affordable rates. Having said that, some other interesting things about Double Pizza Montreal delivery that you should know about are listed below. Have a look!

1. They Do not Deliver Pre-Cooked Meals

The entire taste and crispness of the pizza crust depends upon how fresh it is. Unlike many pizza houses that deliver per-cooked meals after heating them up, livraison takes pride in cooking theirs fresh. Yes, that’s right – they bake each crust fresh after they receive the orders. As a result, their pizzas are just the right amount of crispy.

Which is why once you develop a hang for their pizzas you’ll find it hard to like any other.

2. They Deliver Affordable Combo Meals

With their never-ending desire to satisfy customers, they come up with unique money saving combo meals listed below.

  1. The C2 Special Deal – You’ll get 2 medium pizzas, medium fries, and a 2L Pepsi at 23.99 dollars.
  2. The Summer Special Deal – You’ll get 2 large pizzas, medium fries, and 6 chocolate milk bottles (237 ml each) at 27.99 dollars .
  3. The Hockey Special Deal – You’ll get 1 large pizza, 8 chicken wings, 1 sauce, and small fries at 20.74 dollars.

Now, while the above 3 deals are for online orders, livraison offers a special deal for pickup orders too. This pickup special 7 days deal will serve a large cheese or pepperoni pizza at 10.74 dollars and a large all-dressed pizza at 13.74 dollars.

3. They Offer Attractive Loyalty Programs for Their Customers

This is one of the most attractive perks offered by this pizza house. Once you sign up with them, you’re their loyal customer. And they run lucrative loyalty programs for such customers.

  • You get 1 point for every 5 dollars you spend on their website.
  • Once you collect 30 points, you can use them to buy any 3 pizza toppings or 1 large all-dressed pizza.

So, all in all, this pizza house is a trustworthy heritage brand that focuses solely on custom satisfaction – taste as well as budget.


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