What you Should Know When Playing Pool at a Local Bar

Pool is a famous game played in bars. If you are used to playing in leagues and tournaments with standardized rules, it can be challenging to flex your pool muscles at the local bar. As you break into the bar scene, you must familiarize yourself with the locals and with the local rules. Playing pool at a bar makes you stay at the bar and have a fun experience. As pool tables at bars operate on coins, anyone can lay as long as they have some change in their pockets. If you want to fully understand the game when you walk into the Mad hatter bar, here are things you must know to get the most out of the experience:

The Rules Vary by Location

You need to know your setting, which means you must know how the bar works and how people play pool in the area. Expect the basic rules of 8-ball and 9-ball to apply at all times. However, some differences may be expected which makes the game different for a person accustomed to some rules. But, this makes the game even more fun, especially when you get your favorite mug of beer in hand at the bar. 

Moreover, you should also expect racking to be different than you are used to. Although you can typically go stripes/solids/stripes/solids in a home game, things could be different in bars. It is just imperative to ensure the 8-ball is on the middle of the rack each game you play in.

The Table is Considered Open

This is true even if you make a ball in on the break shot. You can choose either solids or stripes on your next shot. Keep in mind that combination shots can be a hit on all balls, except for the 8-ball, until the first ball is made. 

You Must Call Your Shot

The other player must know what you will try to do each whenever it is your turn to shot. When the ball bounces around for some time and knocks one of your balls in, the shot will count; however, it will be the turn of your opponent as you failed to call that shot. 

You Should Always Hit your Color First

This is a must so the shot is deemed legal. This requires you to have the best pool strategy to make the game exciting. If you hit your color first, the ball can go off of any of the balls of your opponent and the shot is considered legal. 


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