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Aloo bhujia is one of the favourites and crispy snacks and known for its savory. Most of the bhujia is made by gram flour but there are also some bhujia that are made by different flours like moong, moath, and even potatoes. The bhujia is added with the flavour of black pepper served in different celebrations along with sweets. Even in many shops and even at home these are stored for several days in airtight containers. Aloo bhujia is a crispy snack made using potato flour, moth dal, salt, red chilli, pepper, cardamom, cloves, groundnut oil, and more. The dough is pressed through a sieve and then it is deep-fried in vegetable oil.

How to select the best aloo bhujia?

  • Nowadays many different brands are producing crispy snacks. Aloo bhujia is also one among them. You can find the best brand in the market and the product quality to get the good one.
  • You can get tasty and crispy aloo bhujia by going through the manufacturing and expiry date of aloo bhujia. Most of the high branded companies will have an expiry date for more than years.
  • You can see the packing and sealing of the packet before purchasing it. If any damages in the packing will destroy the bhujia. For a good one, the packets must be packed with vacuum packing to prevent the moisture getting into it. 
  • If you are making aloo bhujia at your home you must ensure the quality of ingredients you are using. Also, make sure that you select fresh and good quality ingredients.

Culinary uses of aloo bhujia:

  • If you wish to have some spicy and tangy snacks you can close your eyes and choose for aloo bhujia. As it is a very delicious snack that can be taken at any time if you like to eat something crispy.
  • In most of the various fast foods, aloo bhujia are added to give some crispiness and to add a tangy punch. The snacks like bhel, chatt, etc are added as a topping.
  • In some of the north Indian vegetable preparation aloo bhujia is added and it is very popular.
  • Also in some of the snacks like dahi samosa, kachori, sevpuris aloo bhujia are added to give extra crispiness to these dishes.

How to store aloo bhujia?

  • Airtight containers are best to store any kind of bhujia as the containers prevent them from turning soggy sue due to the moisture. 
  • An unopened packet can be kept until the date of expiry.
  • You mustn’t keep aloo bhujia along with other flavoured snacks because the taste and smell may combine and ruin the taste of savoury snacks.

Bottom lines:

These are some of the things to know about aloo bhujia and the methods of its prevention. You can have a great and crispy snack whenever you want. You can also make snacks and can add this aloo bhujia on the top to get extra crispiness and tangy flavour to the snacks.


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